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   Chapter 710 A Bully Is Always A Coward (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6560

Updated: 2019-07-17 03:03

Prior to then, they had already been amazed that two such disciples appeared up there, thinking that the fact they got qualified was so incredible.

And now, who would've ever thought that a guy merely at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm would also arrive at the waiting area alongside them? They thought their eyes had been playing tricks on them, causing gossip to spread amongst the other competitors.

"How on earth could a guy who is merely at the fourth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm have been admitted to the main draw match? The second he steps foot onto the arena, I'm afraid he'll be turned to mincemeat in the blink of an eye."

"I wonder how he even managed to get qualified at all. At his level of strength, there's no doubt that he wouldn't be able to pass the pre-qualifying match, but in actuality, he has gotten himself into the main draw match. That's kind of weird!"

"So what if he somehow managed to receive the qualification? With the amount of strength he has, entering the arena would be virtually the same as diving at the jaws of death."

In the midst of the uproar, a wave of laughter made its way through the martial artists. The audible laugh was originating from the disciple of the Platanus Sect. He stated in a roaring voice, "I know just how this man was able to get his qualification."

Those words were more than enough to draw everyone's attention. "How did he pull it off?" asked one of the warriors.

"I was there when he had his pre-qualifying match. We actually took it on the same day. During the second stage of magic array examination, would you believe me when I say, he had a twelve-level pagoda to his name?! A twelve-level tower could be comparable to twelve strong men at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Having such an impressive pagoda, without a doubt, he could pass the pre-qualifying match with such ease even if he simply slept throughout the pre-qualifying match," exclaimed t

on of a bitch!" the martial artist resorted to using profanities, looking at Zen's contemptuous eyes. This infuriated him so much that he clenched his fists, producing a grating sound. He was so fuming with anger that he was already willing to tear Zen to pieces for two pins. Setting aside Zen's tricks in the magic array a couple of days ago, up until now, he couldn't fathom how a meager junior at the Illuminating Soul Realm would have the guts to look down upon a man of his stature, who was at the middle level of Internal Elixir Realm, and also the most prodigious disciple of the Platanus Sect for the past hundreds of years.

Sad to say, it was truly a shame that Zen had utterly disregarded his burning rage.

Witnessing everything that had transpired with his own eyes, Owen smiled softly, "This Martial Arts Contest could end up being quite interesting."

At the end of the intermezzo, an elder of World Commercial Alliance suddenly yelled out, "The Mysterious Luna Hall is about to arrive."

Upon hearing those words, people saw a huge coffin come within sight up in the sky, making its way, much like a cannonball dashing toward the arena.

Zen's eyes widened just a little bit, with a smile creeping onto his face. The major players of the Martial Arts Contest were coming!

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