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   Chapter 709 A Bully Is Always A Coward (Part One)

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"I'm telling the truth. I am really here to participate in the Martial Arts Contest. If you're still doubtful, I can simply show you my token to prove it," Zen insisted, about to bring out and show him his token.

But in spite of that, the steward didn't even bother looking at the token at all. The only thing he did was let out a contemptuous smile.

Then he said, "Throughout the years that I've been a steward, I've had plenty of chances to meet jackasses just like you, but I have never come upon a person at the Illuminating Soul Realm who had the guts to try and fool me. You're the very first person to ever do so."

Zen's eyebrows were deeply knitted from hearing the steward's words. Silently standing still, he had been deep in thought, looking for an effective way to get the steward to believe him. Coming to the realization that Zen was intent on staying there, a devious smile crept onto the steward's face. Turning his back on Zen, he yelled over to someone at the arena, "Monkey! There's a stupid idiot right here looking for some trouble. Would you be so kind as to teach this guy a lesson and shove him away?"

A towering and seemingly strong man darted out of the arena at breakneck speed. He looked so intimidating standing eight feet tall, much like an iron wall. Each time he would stomp on the ground, the earth would shake as a result.

"Who has the audacity to stir up trouble for the World Commercial Alliance? You're merely bringing forth your own demise," declared the strong man being referred to as Monkey upon dashing out of the arena. On his arrival, he didn't waste any time and instantly glared at Zen. With a jeering laugh, he quickly stretched out his hands, trying to get a hold of Zen

But because Zen had already strengthened his body with primordial energy, he possessed exceptional agility.

That being said, without even having to use life vitality, he swiftly moved and dodged the massive fan-like hands of the strong man without breaking a sweat.


the strong man exclaimed, with astonishment written all over his face. Zen had been as slippery as an eel.

three people on each day who would get an opportunity to participate in the main draw match. That being the case, the martial artists who could proudly stand there could be considered some of the most remarkable martial artists among the hundreds of people who originally took part in the pre-qualifying match, and the strength of every single one of them, in no way, should ever be underestimated.

As Zen moved closer over to the group, the martial artists who had gotten there before him shifted their gaze at him, appearing to be quite astounded.

The majority of the martial artists who were entitled to participate in the main draw match were at the Internal Elixir Realm. And among those warriors, only two were currently at the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

One of them was Owen, the man who took part in the pre-qualifying match along with Zen on the very same day, and then the other was someone unfamiliar to him.

So far, it was already quite an unusual occurrence for a martial artist at the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm to have the chance to enter the main draw match. All things considered, a substantial difference existed between warriors in the Internal Elixir Realm and the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm in terms of their strength. That being said, it would be a gargantuan task for them to even make it through the pre-qualifying match.

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