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   Chapter 708 The Opening

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Zen breathed in deeply, but remained calm as he felt the flame and the lightning racing through him.

The powerful flame and lightning gathered in the central area of Zen's head. He was refined through lightning and fire which made the 20th point on his Governing Vessel glow with a golden light.

After an hour, the shimmering light vanished, and Zen was done refining his first acupoint.

Body refiners were rare in the Central Region, but it didn't mean that there were none. Some of the smaller sects in the area had disciples dedicated to body refining.

When they finished the marrow refining level, they refined the first acupoint which was the 20th point on the Governing Vessel.

But, the process usually took years, even decades to complete.

Zen finished in an hour.

His impressive accomplishment would shame and amaze those body refiners who were stuck.

There was a myriad of reasons that enabled Zen to finish so fast. First, Zen's body was a spiritual weapon making him stronger than other cultivators. Also, he had already refined himself in other aspects when he got the primordial energy.

Primordial energy was accessible for Zen because all he needed to do was be beaten by others. According to the red dragon though, it could be challenging to get primordial energy for some more sophisticated, stronger masters.

Since his body was refined by primordial energy completely Zen was able to refine his acupoints more effectively.

The flame and lightning were Law Power, which was the purest power.

Body refiners from the Central Region underwent numerous hardships before they gained flame and lightning power that was suitable for their acupoint refining. Even when they did get some, it wasn't as pure as what Zen got. Usually, the flame and lightning from the earth realm were more explosive and more difficult to control. As a result, it required them to be more careful than Zen. They would be risking life and limb if they did what Zen did, and combined the flame with the lightning directly into their acupoints.

Once he finished with the first point, Zen began refining the next acupoint.

An hour later, his temples were refined.

Then he refined the next acupoint, which was located in the forehead.

Then the acupoints beside the ears, and the acupoints beside the eyebrows.

Time passed as Zen refined each acupoint. Oracle city skyline was alight with the hues of orange as the sun sank lower and then gradually darkened the sky.

The most important event happening in Oracle city was the Martial Arts cont

e stage was already set for the contests by the World Commercial Alliance who had also set up a stand that could hold a hundred thousand people at twenty thousand feet long, divided into twelve rows in anticipation of the spectators.

Zen was amazed at how many refiners he saw as he walked to the headquarters.

It was still early, but, the area was filled quickly with refiners and becoming overcrowded and noisy.

Many of them were from the Central Region. There were numerous sects, powers, and families all hailing from the Central Region, including the Cloud Hall and the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

Millions of cultivators came to watch the contest, and this was only a tiny amount.

"The price of a ticket to the Martial Arts contest is one supreme life vitality crystal, only!" someone was yelling as he walked through the crowd.

'A supreme life vitality crystal for a ticket?' thought Zen, speechless at the steep cost.

However, even at that price there were tens of thousands of cultivators willing to pay. It seemed that the World Commercial Alliance did know how to run a business. Or were those cultivators just very wealthy?

Zen quickened his step as he walked right to the stage.

"Stop! If you want to watch the contest, go that way, please!" said a World Commercial Alliance steward who stopped Zen.

He didn't think Zen was there to participate when he noticed Zen was at grade four of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Zen smiled and politely stated, "You misunderstand, sir. I'm a contestant."

"You are a contestant?" asked the steward amused at what Zen told him. He sarcastically added, "Do you know where to go? This isn't a place where you can make jokes! Go away!"

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