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   Chapter 707 Refining Acupoints (Part Two)

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Subsequently, after the red dragon lent him a hand in refining his body with the use of the primordial energy, his body went through a mind-blowing transformation. The moment he sprung up from the bed, there was a sensation rushing through his body, brimming with an unfamiliar force which seemed to be different from life vitality. He somehow knew there was something within him, but he just didn't know how to draw it out.

That was the reason he accidentally hit the ceiling surprisingly when he jumped up.

"It looks like you've managed to form your own forceful energy right on your very first body refining. The primordial energy is quite powerful in my opinion. Ha-ha," the voice of the red dragon appeared without a warning.

"Did you just say 'forceful energy'?" Zen's eyes were gleaming with anticipation.

"Mm-hmm, this is what people commonly refer to as a martial art of body refining," the red dragon affirmed.

The system of body refinement and that of life vitality refinement were two utterly contrasting fields of martial arts. The two might have started with body refining, but after the five realms of body refining, they would branch out much differently. With that in mind, the warriors of the life vitality system should logically begin training from the nature level, and then the Illuminating Soul Realm, and the Internal Elixir Realm after that, and eventually, they'd reach the Virtual Tribulation Realm and even much higher levels.

That being said, after finishing their practice in the five realms of body refining, the warriors adopting the body refining system would have to begin the refinement of their 108 acupuncture points, or acupoints for short. The next step would then be to bu

he flame and the lightning bolt in front of Zen suddenly intertwined, darting toward his eyebrows.

That was one of the main acupoints in the human body, the 20th point on the Governing Vessel.

Zen's body began quivering after the flame and lightning darted into his first acupoint. Then, beans of sweat began to form, streaming down from his forehead.

The refining of acupoints was as painful as body refining, but, in contrast, body refining caused severe pain in every single part of the human body, while the pain of refining acupoints, on the other hand, was focused in just one point.

The pure flame and lightning continued spreading on his eyebrows, making him feel as though his eyebrows were about to burst.

The strength of his will had been put to the test at such a great extent at that moment. In spite of the fact that the flame and lightning came from his own understanding of the Fire Law and the Thunder Law, at that point in time, they were being refined in his eyebrows.

It would spell trouble for him if he carelessly allowed them to slip into his mind, so he simply couldn't allow himself to lose focus.

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