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   Chapter 706 Refining Acupoints (Part One)

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Zen had gotten himself ready to experience the agonizing pain of body refinement, but never would he have thought that it would be extremely intolerable.

His soul had already set foot inside the Fighting Soul Realm, and his willpower had also gone up a couple of notches. However, his mind and body just couldn't bear the excruciating pain, causing him to pass out.

Holding a freshly brewed pot of hot tea, a girl dressed in green silk entered. Possessing a set of eyes so pure, the girl didn't look half bad at all. Her bangs had been cut short.

"Oh, you finally came to." Upon seeing Zen open his eyes, she immediately poured hot tea over a cup and handed it over to him.

Zen shot the girl a bit of a reluctant gaze, but it didn't take too long for him to understand that she was just a regular person who had nothing to do with martial arts whatsoever, so he was able to ease up on her in no time. He nodded politely toward the girl, carefully grabbed the cup and gulped a mouthful of refreshing hot tea.

"I noticed how your face looked as if you were under so much pain. Would you like for me to fetch a doctor for you?" Although Alice Bi was aware that the bodies of warriors could be quite different from those of the common folk, she still felt like Zen was in need of medical supervision as he had been racked with pain and so much torment.

Zen simply let out a faint smile and shook his head in refusal, "No, thanks. That wouldn't be necessary. The doctor wouldn't be able to treat me anyway."

"How can you be so sure? I know of a talented doctor who has Wang as his last name. His clinic is just around the bend. For decades now, he has been a seasoned doctor. He's the one who used to.

s. The second she walked away, she informed Zen that she'd bring dinner over to him when night fell.

Immediately after Alice left, Zen sprung up from his bed. It seemed that luck wasn't on his side, as he hit his head on the wooden ceiling.

"Oww!" Zen cried out under intense pain.

Hearing the clamor, Alice hurriedly went back and poked her head through the door's opening, feeling quite curious.

Zen rubbed his head in embarrassment. He simply laughed it off and said, "Sorry about that. I'll make sure to pay for anything I might break."

In the past, Zen had always been under the assumption that the warm current could only be able to help him get rid of the impurities inside his body. The first step one would have to take in order to reach the nature level was to get rid of the impurities in his body and make it absolutely pure. Upon attaining the nature level, however, the aforementioned warm current had little to almost no effect on him whatsoever.

It wasn't until today that he finally learned how to utilize the primordial energy. This was something essential for training one's body refining skills.

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