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   Chapter 704 The Fate To Lead The World Of Chaos (Part One)

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The "warm current", as Zen named it, felt like the warm caress of the summer seas. He had no idea what it was, nor had any explanation for why it healed him from any pain felt by his body. He didn't have any inkling as to what this energy coursing through him might possibly be.

'An enigma, ' Zen thought, a faint smile gracing his lips. 'One that I'm willing to embrace wholeheartedly.'

The thirst for knowledge to solve this mystery spurred Zen into training his body without mercy. His resolve and dedication had led him to be inflicted with various wounds and injuries all over, yet all these never seemed to last for long as soon as the "warm current" washed over him. 'It's another type of energy... One that I obviously haven't heard before.' Zen had mused before, his brows furrowing in frustration as he attempted to resolve his own inquiries.

"Primordial energy?"

Zen murmured as he finally knew what the "warm current" was after the red dragon told him.

The red dragon had helped to muster and run the primordial energy in his body. It started with the smallest flicker of flame. A fire that could easily be extinguished by sudden gusts of wayward winds.

It was too sudden; too fast, that Zen didn't even have the chance to recognize where and when the shift had begun inside of him. The flame flickered and spread all throughout his body like wildfire in a dense forest. It left no mercy; reaching every crevice and fissure in his compact body, until it engulfed him completely.

He thought that he could bear it. He thought of the summer seas, crashing waves and the salt lingering on his tongue; the warm caress that seemed to embrace him lovingly and healed him every time his body took damage. And, at first, he felt it—the careful, tender touch. Until, the heat grew and grew and he was choking, unable to breathe as the heat increased in devastatingly high levels. It scorched him from the inside out; every intake of oxygen became synonymous to burning acid sliding down his parched throat. He was being burned alive, his skin turning to black as his muscles convulsed, fighting a hopeless battle against the fire that relentlessly licked at his flesh.

"No! Stop!"

Zen screamed in despair, trashing wildly and blindly. He hated it, he hated

ake from the view over the wall. Yes, she certainly was, until she had a nagging realization that what she was currently seeing was simply beyond her expectations.

The more she watched the scene in front of her, the more horrified and repulsed she felt upon seeing the cultivator withstand such suffering just for the sake of training.

His voice was hoarse from his screams. The pain from the activation of primordial energy was unexpected for Zen, so he was totally unprepared for it. He had no concept of time while he was stuck in the realm of torture. He didn't know how many minutes, or hours he had already spent enclosed in this prison of searing fire.

He convulsed; tossing himself widely and violently on the ground, like fish desperately looking for water; looking desperately for the briefest amount of solace, as his mind fought to escape intolerable abuse of the white-hot flames.

"He's tougher than I have imagined," the red dragon said in barely concealed astonishment.

"His soul has entered the Fighting Soul Realm, so he is able to withstand it for a long while before he passes out," the cyan dragon replied.

"That's it… It would actually be his salvation if he were to pass out. This kind of torture is undeniably unbearable." The red dragon shook his head in a pitying manner. "Although, it is true that one must always go through a series of hardships if he hopes to achieve his goal. Zen must understand what he is putting at stake for the future he will be facing soon."

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