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   Chapter 703 The Primordial Energy (Part Two)

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"W-what?!" Zen was shocked with the sudden knowledge he had gained. He didn't know. And if he knew, he wouldn't have used it!

The dragons were the supreme beings of the universe. They had power and authority over anything. They could even be considered as gods of this world.

If the cyan dragon and the red dragon hadn't gotten into such a plight, the possibility of them destroying the universe with one wave of their claws was not far from reality. The world and the Central Region would be in utter devastation. But thankfully, they did not cause such a ruckus.

The mighty dragon valued the primordial energy, but at first, Zen used it to cleanse his body only. Moreover, after becoming a nature creature, he didn't practice body refining skills, so he used the primordial energy to wash the body, but unfortunately, the effect was not satisfactory.

Zen's mouth was agape, left speechless by the revelation. He couldn't fathom out what to say or what to do. He was dumbfounded and lost on what should be done next.

"However, I have heard from my brother that you woke me up at the cost of your life, and for that, I owe you. To pay my debt, I can teach you body refining skills. But let me warn you. I have never supported human body refining. But your body is unique! It will be a waste not to refine it. The only question left is, will you be able to do it?" the red dragon asked in an emotionless voice. The Genuine Dragon World had many humans in it, but most of them were Dragon Lineage Humans with dragon blood.

These humans who had dragon blood in their bodies were far stron

ntended on using it to refine his body.

"I am warning you once again. The refinement will be very painful and hard. I advise you to be prepared for it," the dragon warned before Zen could quit his meditation. Zen's soul just nodded as an acknowledgement. He was prepared for whatever it was going to take.

As the brave warrior came back from his reverie, he squinted his eyes slowly and shook his head. He breathed once more to fully restore his consciousness. After that, he decided to step out and into the courtyard. The Martial Arts Contest was held nearby, so the rent of the courtyard he was in was very expensive. However, it was cheap for him since he had hundreds of supreme life vitality crystals to spend. He rented the whole courtyard that day, so no one could be seen aside from him wandering around that place.

Standing in the middle of the space, he heard the red dragon began to speak, "I shall now commence with refining your body using the primordial energy." As soon as he finished his words, Zen felt his entire body become rigid.

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