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   Chapter 702 The Primordial Energy (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7001

Updated: 2019-07-16 03:15

The cyan dragon's seventh brother was one of the nine dragons.

Back in the city of the Genuine Dragon World, the cyan dragon had been successful in swallowing the Owl Beast's evil spirit.

That evil spirit was divided into three parts. Those three parts, according to the cyan dragon, were extremely useful: one could be used to cure the cyan dragon itself, the other could be used to wake up his seventh brother, and the third could help Zen with the creation of the soul seed.

It was a long time before the cyan dragon came up with the decision to finally wake his seventh brother. Zen, however, was patient and waited respectfully for the cyan dragon.

Now, he sat cross-legged and immersed himself in the silence. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Zen slipped into a deep, meditative state. During this time, his mind relaxed and his soul was able to enter into the depths of his psyche.

Zen found the cyan dragon coil around the huge mysterious furnace. At first glance, the dragon looked fearsome and scary. However, his fierce look softened once he realized who the visitor was.

Uncoiling himself from the furnace, the cyan dragon approached Zen and opened his jaw wide. In his mouth was a huge, black bead.

"Is that…? That's the black bead from the Owl Beast's evil spirit, isn't it?" Zen asked.

The cyan dragon nodded. "Uh-huh," he confirmed. "After absorbing the Owl Beast's evil spirit, my body became much stronger. Hopefully, I can also wake my brother up with this bead."

Having said that, the cyan dragon spat out the bead. Both he and Zen watched as the black bead flew over their heads and towards the dragon-shaped sculptures on the surface of the mysterious furnace. It shot itself right into the gaping mouth of one of the dragons.

As soon as the bead touched the dragon's mouth, it transformed into some kind of viscous dark matter quite similar to the soul essence refined by the Dark Devil Phantom. However, it seemed much purer than the soul essence.

Once the dark matter was swallowed into the dragon's mouth, everything beca

n?" he asked with amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Yes," Zen replied with eagerness and pride as an answer to the dragon's question. However, he was confused as to what the dragon found amusing.

"There are billions, heck, even trillions of creatures in this universe," the red dragon said, "but nowhere will you be able to find such a unique and valuable body as yours. You actually used the primordial energy you produced during the refinement of your body to wash your belly? What were you thinking?" The red dragon shook his head at Zen, obviously disappointed but also slightly amused.

Zen's brows knitted. "The primordial energy?" he repeated, shooting a confused look at the red dragon.

The red dragon frowned, "Didn't my brother tell you? Your body is the rudiment of primordial energy!"

The red dragon's declaration echoed in his ears. "It's quite a pity you don't know how to use it at all. Truly a pity," the dragon started. "After you stepped into the nature level, you had to practice the refinement techniques of the life vitality system, so you just wasted the primordial energy away..." the mighty dragon began in a low, cold voice. "You do not know how to use that energy, so you cleansed your body by using that energy!" the dragon said, heaving a sigh in disappointment. "I bet you have no actual idea how precious it truly is!" the dragon stated lastly.

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