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   Chapter 701 Avoiding

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The Platanus Sect was also a third-grade sect. But more importantly, it was located right next to a mine rich with supreme life vitality crystals, which placed it at a great advantage compared to other third-grade sects.

The two intimidating martial artists from the Platanus Sect were prepared to shell out fifty supreme crystals right there and then to obtain the slots. They wanted to avoid the bidding entirely.

After Zen's onslaught, there were only seven combatants left, including Zen himself.

A blanket of silence fell upon the magic array, which was almost empty. Suddenly someone arose from his little pagoda and offered a price, "Eighty supreme crystals."

The booming voice came from none other than Owen, the only martial artist who was in the Illuminating Soul Realm aside from Zen in today's pre-qualifying match.

Owen was visibly upset. He assumed that given his current strength, he would surely meet the quota for the main draw match. He had never expected Zen to appear in such a crucial moment.

Owen speculated that his chances of winning against Zen were very slim, maybe thirty percent. When Zen was striking at him, he desperately wanted to counter. Several whorls of sharp gale winds were circling his hands.

But he finally gave up on the idea.

His chances were miniscule. Zen was stronger than the level 3 he appeared to be.

The timing was perfect. If supreme crystals could solve his problems, all the better. Owen was rich in nothing but supreme crystals.

It all stemmed from a fortunate accident back when he was training himself in the Woollen Grassland. He fell into a cave as he lost his footing and by chance found an exorbitant amount of lost treasure kept secret by a now extinct sect.

And so even as an independent martial artist, Owen was wealthier than the two from the Platanus Sect.

Dismay marked the sullen faces of the Platanus Sect martial artists when they heard Owen's bid. Things always started to turn complicated once the first bid was struck.

"A hundred supreme crystals," an irritated voice resounded. It came from one of the martial artists from the Platanus Sect. His teeth were clenched hard.

A disciple's income normally wasn't high. Even when one accomplished a quest given out by the sect, it would still share a portion of the reward. A hundred supreme crystals were all they would offer at the moment.

"A hundred and fifty!" Owen declared in a stern voice, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

The two disciples from Platanus Sect looked at each other at that moment. Then they proceeded to discuss using their life v

to train disciples.

Zen breathed a sigh of relief after he got the qualification.

Though there was still time before the main draw match, Zen didn't rest. He went into the Oracle City and bought some necessary supplies and materials. He then rented a nice quiet room and stayed there to meditate, instead of going back to the Cloud Hall.

Zen threw himself into cultivating or drawing divine texture these days. He had to be prepared to kill Marilyn.

Though he had never met Marilyn, he knew she was in the middle of the Internal Elixir Realm. Killing her would be his greatest challenge yet.

Furthermore, Marilyn had Purple Power Body, which was an extremely rare and special power. Marilyn was also trained by Eddie, the most powerful man in the Central Region. Zen didn't know if Marilyn ever became a formal student of his, but he was sure she learned a lot under Eddie.

Zen faced the critical challenge head on, unflinching. He had to go all out in this fight.

It took Zen a whole day to complete two pieces of divine texture.

They were all drawn under the Cyan Dragon's requirements and the divine textures were finally inscribed on both of his arms, then they promptly faded into two dim lines of power. The two pieces of divine texture were like glowing tattoos on his arms as they were activated.

Zen began cultivating even more as soon as he was done with the divine texture.

No more than two days later, Zen had finally stepped into level four of the Illuminating Soul Realm all the way from level 3. His primary task had always been to gather more strength and further hone his might.

Right after he leveled up, the cyan dragon's voice rang out, "Zen, I'm ready to awaken my seventh brother..."

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