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   Chapter 700 What Can You Offer

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All the other participants could not believe what they were seeing for a moment. They all froze in astonishment as they witnessed the destructive power of Zen's pagoda.

From merely its appearance, they assessed that it was more powerful than theirs. They were still figuring out how Zen managed to reinforce his pagoda during the first round and made it this formidable.

The power of Zen's pagoda was beyond their imagination.

During the first stage of pre-qualifying match, most of the 400 participants were already knocked down. The remaining cultivators who were still running at the chance to make it to the main event were the cream of the crop.

The round with the giant turtles was typically difficult. Only those who had exceptional strength and patience could survive the violent attacks of the hill-like giant turtles.

Most of these participants had exerted all their means to cope with the giant turtles. Some of them had used powerful secret skills, and others had expended their blood essence. Nevertheless, they had managed to pass the test and reinforce their pagodas to level ten. Now, there was only one task left for them to do. They were supposed to challenge other participants, defeat them, and advance to the main draw match!

But now, upon seeing Zen's pagoda, they knew that their chances of advancing became thin.

After realizing that, their astonishment on their faces was replaced with anger and resentment. They felt disgruntled at the seemingly unfair advantage of Zen's pagoda over others. They all wondered, 'He's only at the level three of Illuminating Soul Realm, but why is his pagoda stronger than ours? There's no way he could have done that! He must have cheated!'

If they were in the real world, they could just repress their anger and submit to this unfair situation they were facing. After all, there could be nothing they could do to defeat Zen unless they wanted to commit suicide.

In the magic array, however, they wouldn't really die. Thus, they could attack Zen without the fear of dying, which they did without any hesitation.

"Kill this cheater!"

"Let's attack him together! He can't defend himself from all of us!"

"The World Commercial Alliance must have helped him! For sure he cheated! That's unfair!"

As they rushed towards Zen, the archers from their level-ten pagodas also raised their bows and began shooting mysterious ice arrows at Zen.


There were ten archers on every level-ten pagoda. There were over one hundred archers from the furious participants' pagodas who started shooting at Zen simultaneously.

Every shot from an archer on a level-ten pagoda had the same power as an all-out attack from a cultivator at the middle level of Internal Elixir Realm. So, right now, Zen was facing a power equivalent of over one hundred cultivators at that realm.

The arrows shot almost filled the sky above Zen. Every arrow had extremely great power. That was starting to shadow on Zen and the weight was becoming heavy for Zen to see.

At the face of quite a violent attack, Zen put his game on. He never looked as serious as he was now. He could have defended himself using his level twelve pagoda, but he didn't. He dared not to use his pagoda on his defense.


Zen controlled his pagoda using his mind and instructed it to move. It di


They had already noted Zen's presence when he came to the test venue, but they had ignored him. Besides, what could one expect from a cultivator at level three of Illuminating Soul Realm? But their ignorance and arrogance brought them all to a situation they could no longer escape.

"What should we do? What about trying to kill him with all our strength? We have a chance of winning if we all launch an all-out attack at the same moment!" one of them said with confidence.

His companion shook his head slightly and replied, "Each archer on his pagoda has the same power as a cultivator of Virtual Tribulation Realm. Even if we try our best, there is only twenty percent possibility that we can succeed. It isn't worth a try."

"He is very decisive, and he shows no hesitation even when he hears about the Violet Lustre Sect. It's useless to threaten him with our sect. What should we do now?"

"Let's compromise with him first. He might be a very promising talent. We can stifle him in the cradle if we encounter him in the main draw match!"

A hint of cruelty flashed in their eyes as they exchanged glances. One of them then bowed to Zen with cupped hands and said, "Please wait a minute!"

Zen was growing impatient, but he had to give them a chance. He turned to them and said with a sarcastic smile, "Tell me, have you made up your mind? What are you offering?"

The man pointed at his companion and explained, "We both come from the Platanus Sect. If you give the other two places to us, we'll pay you 50 supreme life vitality crystals each. How do you like it?"

Zen looked around with disappointment and said loudly, "50 supreme crystals for a place in the main draw match. Any more bids?"

One supreme life vitality crystal was equal to one million low-grade life vitality crystals hence 50 supreme crystals were already a large amount of money even to a cultivator of Internal Elixir Realm. So, the participants were surprised when they sensed that Zen wasn't thrilled at all.

Meanwhile, in the palace, Cole almost hit the ceiling, "God! Is this really happening? Is he really holding an auction?"

Letitia's lips curled into a smile, "An auction, how creative. Isn't that very interesting?"

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