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   Chapter 699 He Was Cheating (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5922

Updated: 2019-07-16 00:43

Taking Letitia's stand and judgment of the level 12 archers, it shouldn't be hard for Zen to pass the test.

Zen was again, relaxed. He had this one covered. Suddenly, the lights that were shining on Zen faded. The light sky in the magic array was replaced by darkness. The sky and the meadow gradually disappeared in front of Zen. Even Zen could not see clearly everything around him!

"I've moved to the second level," Zen told himself.

Everything was vanishing fast but one -- the tower. Zen stood petrified at the sight of the tower which floated in the sea of darkness.

Suddenly, other towers showed up one after another, leaving some distance between them.

Zen had faith in his victory. Nothing could make him fail the test. After all, he had a lot of potential. What was this all about? Was this the second part of the pre-qualifying test? He counted, one.. two... three... There were 21 towers in total, including his. What he saw were all survivors standing on their own towers.

"What is going on with that guy? His tower… why is his tower so huge?"

"How is that even possible? Did he cheat on the test? All of our towers are level 10. Why is his twice larger than mine?!"

"Unless his is level 11, or even level 12! But how could he gain extra points in this magic array? How was that possible? How did he upgrade his tower to level 12?"

Other cultivators stared at Zen and murmured, whispers flying everywhere.

When they saw Zen's gigantic tower, they found it was not something along their level. It was a fortress. The cultivators exchanged glances and repeatedly compared their towers to Zen's. These cultivators risked their lives for their upgrades.

What they saw made them feel unfair and cheated.

"What the hell?! How

ned, Zen waved his hand and the twelve archers raised their bows and arrows. The archers did as they were told, like soldiers in the forefront of the battlefield. Zen wanted to win so bad. Now it was time to defend his fortress. Regret was down the drain. What remained was his fighting spirit.

A master in Virtual Tribulation Realm could easily defeat numerous cultivators in Internal Elixir Realm. This only meant one thing -- Zen's tower should be able to withstand the attacks and defeat them. The archers in level 10 tower were just mere cultivators in the middle phase of Internal Elixir Realm. Zen was much more powerful than them. He had a big chance of smelling victory in the air.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh…"

Off went the twelve powerful and swift arrows.

As soon as the arrows were launched, one by one the arrows landed on the other cultivators' towers, destroying them, reducing the towers into ash in a blink of an eye.

Other cultivators were scared. Silence roamed the atmosphere. Seeing the towers reduced to nothing but ashes made them feel threatened. It came to their senses that in this magic array, Zen was the king. Zen was undefeatable.

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