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   Chapter 697 The Giant Turtles

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When he saw Letitia smiling but not saying anything, Cole hesitated. Her reaction was troublesome. Should he eliminate Zen from the magic array?

After he thought things through, Cole turned to Letitia. "Zen's actions have affected the balance of the pre-qualifying match, so he must be disqualified. What do you think?" he asked.

Once again, Michael and Xiao looked at each other before they quietly scolded Cole for being an idiot. But they stood aloof and distanced themselves because things were of no concern to them.

Meanwhile, Letitia watched Zen killing purple-jade centipedes through the Picture Slab. But once she heard Cole speaking, the gentle smile on her lips changed into one laced with cynicism that sent the temperature plummeting. Then the palace turned cold as an ice cellar. Even the guards standing at the door rubbed their hands together to warm themselves and wondered why it had suddenly turned cold.

"What do you mean? Is there a rule for this in the World Commercial Alliance?"

Her eyes looked straight at his, while her voice was frosty.

Quickly, Cole shook his head. "No, but Zen cheated, and this has seriously affected the balance. If this goes on, after he passes the first stage, it will be very tough for other warriors to compete with him in the second stage," he explained.

"Oh, really?" Letitia sneered. Her eyes were now vicious and icily. She said, "I wonder if you've heard this saying."

"What saying?" Cole demanded. Although his status and strength were inferior to Letitia's, Cole was neither humble nor pushy but insisted on judging things for himself. And though he knew he had provoked Letitia, he didn't give in.

"Competitors can play any tricks except those written down," Letitia said coldly. "Since you didn't announce this rule beforehand, Zen just took advantage of this loophole. You're obviously wrong. How can you now eliminate Zen from the magic array? You claimed it was for the sake of overall consideration, but you know what? It was your mistake and omission that destroyed the balance. How can you make Zen the scapegoat? It's selfish of you to even think of that!" she said furiously.

Her outburst left Cole speechless.

At the national level, people could do everything except those prohibited by law.

In the magic array, Cole didn't stipulate that candidates couldn't do this, so in theory, what Zen did was reasonable. This was a mere omission when Cole made the rules for the magic array.

What Letitia said was true, so Michael and Xiao, two silent spectat

al Elixir Realm.

And he was right about this. That was exactly how they designed the magic array. Bowmen on the tenth-level pagoda were as powerful as a full-blown attack of warriors at the middle-stage Internal Elixir Realm. Those on the eleventh-level pagoda, on the other hand, were as mighty as a full-scale attack of warriors at the late-stage Internal Elixir Realm, while those on the twelfth-level pagoda were equivalent to a full-blown attack of warriors at the early-stage Virtual Tribulation Realm.

Generally speaking, it was only after a candidate defeated the last wave of beasts that he had a level ten pagoda and entered the second stage of assessment. But even before Zen vanquished the last wave of beasts, he already had a level twelve pagoda. So Cole had good reason to worry. Zen was already mightier than other warriors after what he achieved.

"Thump! Thump! Thump!"

Suddenly, the ground shook. As everyone braced for balance, three huge figures appeared in the distance.

"Here they come!" Zen hollered. His eyebrows twitched as he got ready for battle.

The enemy turned out to be three giant turtles!

These giants resided in the deep sea. Each of them stood as high as 200 feet, and looked like a huge hill. Their strength was astonishing. Every step they took measured a hundred feet.

In theory, their growth was infinite. Provided enough resources, they could grow to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of feet tall! With just a step, they could crush mountains. Moreover, they could even move mountains and drain seas. But Zen had never heard of such giants existing in his world.

The three giants were heading in Zen's direction!

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