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   Chapter 696 Letitia's Feelings

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After Zen had improved the level of his pagoda, he did not stop. Instead, he rushed toward Stoney Zhao's territory.

Although the sixth wave of attack of the beasts would be more violent than the fifth one, it was easy to deal with as Lily was guarding his pagoda. What was more, Zen's tower was one level higher than that of others.

Just after Zen left, several three-meter-long purple jade centipedes zigzagged over. Each had thousands of pairs of thin feet that moved across the ground swiftly.

The six archers in Zen's tower raised their longbows and shot six arrows toward the sky.

"Schwaff, schwaff, schwaff!"

The arrows flew up before turning and heading toward the centipedes. Each arrow, attached to a string of flames, landed among the purple jade centipedes.

"Boom, boom..."

Six explosions were heard, and in the next instant, one or two hundred centipedes were destroyed by the tower. And this was only the first wave attack by the archers.

Seeing the scene, the middle-aged martial artist complained, "I just knew Zen would do something and break the balance of competition!"

Michael Mo could not help but smile wryly. Under normal circumstances, a tower at the fifth level would be defending against attacks from the purple jade centipedes! Similarly, towers at the sixth level would be battling against the seventh wave, which would have more powerful beasts.

Since Zen had used his points to improve the tower and it had reached the sixth level, the pagoda was so powerful that the purple jade centipedes had been destroyed.

Xiao's mustache twitched as he spoke, "He has done it. What would you want to do?"

The middle-aged man placed significant value on the rules of the magic array. Thus, he could only focus on the fact that Zen had broken the rules. He contemplated for a while and then said, "How about we remove Zen from the magic array?"

As Xiao's eyes met Michael's, they both shook their heads. Michael replied, "I don't think that is a good idea. But you preside over the magic array. So it is your decision."

The middle-aged man stared at Zen on the Picture Slab. He watched with narrowed eyes as Zen ran to Stoney's territory to kill the purple jade centipedes. Soon, he reached a decision and said, "Well, I've decided. I am going to kick Zen out!"

Then he asked some subordinates to push a nearby platform.

An enormous magic array platform controlled the magic array, and several servants, after receiving the order from the middle-aged man, quickly pushed a table-sized magic array platform over.

The middle-aged man stood on the magic array platform and touched a complex rune on the platform. It was very easy for him to drive Zen out of

"Um?" Letitia felt a bit confused.

Then, Cole switched the image on the Picture Slab to Zen's territory and explained, "Look! Zen asked his sword spirit to guard his territory, and at the same time, he ran into another person's area to plunder his points. As a result, his pagoda is at a higher level than that of others. He will not be challenged in the remaining attack waves!"

As long as Zen kept his tower one level higher, he would pass the first phase of the pre-qualifying match easily.

Letitia was surprised. She recovered a few seconds later. The frown lines on her forehead smoothed, and her eyes resembled crescent moons.

However, as Cloud Hall Leader, she had to be solemn and pay attention to her manners. At least, she should act more serious in front of these people, not like her casual behavior when she was alone with Zen.

Letitia was indeed happy. Zen seemed to find unusual ways of overcoming challenges.

Her thoughts and feelings about this situation were contradictory. On the one hand, she hoped that Zen would not pass the pre-qualifying match. Although the main draw match appeared to be like any other competition, it was, in fact, a brutal war. Zen had a saint-level talent in cultivating; however, his cultivation level was still too low. Therefore, he should hide his talent until he became an influential cultivator!

On the other hand, she knew that Zen was fiercely determined. Once he had decided something, there was no possibility of changing his mind. Letitia believed that Zen would pass the pre-qualifying match, and a part of her was looking forward to that.

The two conflicting feelings intertwined and left her anxious. This was why she had come to observe Zen's performance. However, she didn't expect that she would see such a scene.

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