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   Chapter 695 Upgrading Two Levels In A Row

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"Zen is going to be skinned alive. If Stoney uses his Skull Ghost Hand on the top of his skull, Zen won't even have the time to dodge," Xiao said while shaking his head.

A trace of confusion flashed through Michael's eyes. He couldn't even think of a reason why Zen was this confident of himself. He was letting Stoney use his spirit attack on him. What was more, he didn't even try to dodge for God's sake!

The situation had been pretty good for Zen so far. If he used his sword spirit to protect the small pagoda and stole points from other martial artists by himself, the level of his small pagoda would be much higher than others, and the final result would also be beneficial to him.

"He's just too confident of himself... If he is killed in the magic array, he will be kicked out of the magic array." Michael couldn't help but sigh at Zen's carelessness.

The middle-aged cultivator didn't say anything. He was convinced that Zen had cheated in the game. And if he were kicked out of the magic array, at least the balance of the magic array wouldn't be affected.

The elders of the World Commercial Alliance watched the fight silently with serious expressions. Finally, someone cried out painfully, as if he had been badly hurt.

And to everyone's surprise, the painful cry was not from Zen, but from Stoney!

The black lines on Stoney's face were slowly fading away. The redness on his skin had gone, and his face was even paler than the snow. The angry expression on his handsome face made him look scary.

Contrary to him, Zen was not affected at all. He turned around and left as if nothing had happened. Then he continued using his 'flick the sword' to kill the stone men made of basalt.

"W-What... the hell did this guy do?" Michael's mouth was agape because he was astonished. He stared at Zen with disbelief, watching him kill the stone men. Every time he flicked his sword, a stone man would shatter in front of him. Seeing the lithe and ethereal figure, Michael couldn't help but be deeply impressed by the young man at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

The looks on Xiao's and the middle-aged cultivator's face were similar to Michael's. But to be honest, anyone who saw what had happened would feel the same astonishment.

They couldn't even begin to imagine how Zen beat Stoney in the blink of an eye, making him this miserable.


Stoney's cry of pain lasted for a very long time.

The Skull Ghost Hand was made from Stoney's soul. And it was a form of spiritual attack that belonged to the Hatred Evil Attack, just like Zen's ability to turn his soul into a thorn.

If Stoney had used his Skull Ghost Hand on any other cultivator, he would have won. Others couldn't deal with his Skull Ghost Hand.

Unluckily, he was battling with Zen, whose soul was in the Fighting Soul Realm!

It was hard to imagine how powerful Zen's soul had become since he entered the Fighting

s as usual as if it were made of wood.

"Am I overthinking? It felt like someone was watching me just now..." Zen grumbled to himself. Then he lightly patted his forehead and pushed the question to the back of his mind. He shook his head and walked to his small pagoda.

"More than thirty-six thousand points!" Seeing the points on his small pagoda, the corners of Zen's lips lifted into a happy smile.


Zen used his points to upgrade his pagoda. But he only needed thirty-three thousand points.

As soon as Zen gave the command, his pagoda was surrounded by a red, beaming light. And when the first light dimmed, another red light appeared!

His small pagoda had upgraded two levels in a row!

Now, Zen's pagoda level was one level higher than pagodas belonging to other cultivators!

The pagoda that had upgraded two levels was wider than it was before. There was also a silver-white fence around it, and four flags on the four corners of the pagoda. The four flags were the symbol of the World Commercial Alliance.

Six archers also appeared on the small pagoda.

The bows in their hands, and the arrows on their backs had also changed drastically.

The bows radiated the aura of fire, and on the arrows, there was a rune of fire too. This made Zen feel powerful. He knew for sure that the archers were as good as the fighters in the Illuminating Soul Realm. He wondered how strong the small pagoda would become if he kept upgrading it.

The number of the eliminated cultivators had risen during the fifth attack of the beasts.

During the third attack of the beasts, only a few cultivators had been eliminated. And in the next attack, more than twenty cultivators had been kicked out. Then in the fifth attack, forty more cultivators had been removed! The number was rising quickly.

Nobody could predict how many more cultivators were going to be eliminated during the sixth attack of the beasts.

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