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   Chapter 694 Hatred Evil Attack

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As Zen got close to the basaltic men, he pulled out his sword.

"Flick the sword!"

The great might of the Blood Drinking Sword was brought out and shot toward the stone man's head. As the sword intent spread through the stone man's head, its brain shattered. However, on the surface of the stone man, only interwoven cracks like a cobweb could be seen.

Then Zen pulled back his sword, and the stone man tumbled down to the ground and crumbled into small pieces of basalt.

"Flick the sword!"

"Flick the sword!"

Zen didn't stop after killing the first stone man. In the blink of an eye, three stone men made of basalt disintegrated under Zen's attack.

Astonished by Zen's performance, the cultivator with the white face didn't realize that he would be the loser until Zen had destroyed the third stone man.

Surely, the cultivator with the white face knew the rules of the magic array. The killing of beasts would add points to promote their small tower to a higher one. For example, in the last round of attack, the killing of the crow zombies would add ten thousand points, which would help promote the small tower to the fourth level. And the ten thousand points were just the right amount, no more or no less, or the tower couldn't be promoted.

In this round of attack, there were 200 stone men and killing one stone man meant getting 175 points. So, if somebody could kill all the stone men, he would get 15, 000 points, which meant that the next promotion of the tower level would require 15, 000 points.

Now, Zen had already killed three stone men made of basalt, which meant that Zen was ahead by more than 500 points. In other words, after the fifth killing competition, he couldn't promote his tower level, because his points were not enough.

The cultivator with the white face was furious.

He hadn't bothered Zen, but Zen seemed to be causing trouble!

"No matter who you are, I will kill you! If I can't kill you in the magic array, I will kill you at Oracle City." The cultivator with the white face gnashed his teeth. His expression was full of fury, and his face turned as red as pork liver.

After killing three stone men made of basalt, Zen raised his sword before his chest. Then he noticed the cultivator with the white face. Zen greeted him, "Wow! It's you! Great!"

In fact, Zen felt guilty before he saw the cultivator with the white face because he knew it was improper to kill beasts in someone else's field. Zen knew that the warrior couldn't promote his tower level as his points would be insufficient if he killed his targets.

When the small tower was promoted to the highest l

h his swordsmanship and his soul at the same time... Does this kind of talent exist in the world?"

"Aha!" Michael smiled again, "Have you forgotten? Zen is a rune master with Perfect Brushwork, and his achievement in rune is comparable to that of Arnold."

Hearing Michael's words, the mid-aged cultivator was astonished and left speechless. It was widely known that the soul of a rune master wasn't weak by nature, and as long as it was cultivated continually, it would grow stronger and stronger!

After seeing Zen's powerful and special sword spirit, he had forgotten that Zen was a runic expert too!

"Even though Zen is a rune master, I'm afraid that he can't resist Stoney's Hatred Evil Attack, which seems to be terrible," Xiao added then.

Michael nodded and said, "Yes. Zen can only draw one and two-star runes, and his soul hasn't grown strong enough to fight against the Hatred Evil Attack. I don't know if Zen has someone to help him..."

In the magic array, Stoney's face was covered by the black light, and a black ghost hand stretched out from the top of his head.

Stoney's soul had formed the black ghost hand. It wasn't the most terrible move in the Hatred Evil Attack, but it was the cruelest one as it meant that he could reach into other person's head and crumble his soul.

"I will crush your soul! Skull Ghost Hand!"

The black ghost hand made a whining noise, like a ghost's crying, as it stretched toward Zen's head. Instantly, the ghost hand reached above Zen's head with five long and thin fingers. It appeared as though the hand was going to penetrate Zen's head.

Stoney's face darkened further when he saw that Zen wasn't going to resist. "Cry!" he said. "Express your great pain through your tears and shrieks!"

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