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   Chapter 693 A Real Puzzle (Part Two)

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On Zen's orders, Lily rushed towards a basaltic man and chopped its head with her thirty-foot long sword.

"Swish! Whack!"

A terrific sword with Lily the sword spirit was a match with astonishing power. There were only a few beasts in the Central Region that could ward off such fierce attack.

The basaltic man was cut in half by Lily. Everyone watched the two halves of its body as it fell to the ground.

There were about two hundred basaltic men in Zen's territory. Although they appeared indestructible, Lily managed to kill them all one at a time. And basaltic men were very slow, even slower than the black turtles.

'Lily should be able to deal with these men. And with the pagoda upgraded four times, she would have a lot of help, ' Zen thought.

Without a second thought, Zen ran towards the adjacent grassland.

Shocked at Zen's unusual move, the middle-aged warrior could not help but cry out, "This guy has already tasted the benefits. And now, he's going to steal from another competitor again!"

Impressed, Michael and Xiao looked at each other and smiled. "He has the confidence to let his sword spirit fight off the basaltic men's attacks, and that's one of his abilities," Michael noted.

Nodding, Xiao added, "This boy is quite interesting. He's smart as well."

Sighing deeply, the middle-aged warrior exclaimed, "I'm afraid the warriors that he would steal from don't think so. By doing what he did, he could gain more points at each phase compared to others. So, he is likely to upgrade his pagoda level to eleventh or twelfth after the ten rounds of attacks."

Not quite familiar with the magic array, Michael had to ask with curiosity, "Level eleven? Level twelve? There are only ten attacks arranged during the first phase. So that means the pagoda can only be upgraded ten times, right?"

In reply, t

When he saw a figure appeared in the distant sky and it rushed towards him, a look of surprise was written all over his face. But after he recognized who the visitor was, the surprise changed to a malicious look.

The warrior with a white face was known to be a vengeful person. After all, he had butchered the second-grade sect after he reached the Internal Elixir Realm. During a previous meeting in the hall, Zen had offended him. So it was expected that he would seek revenge.

What the warrior never expected was for Zen to seek him out before he could take the initiative to find the man who previously offended him.

Confused, the warrior thought to himself. 'This is strange. Doesn't he have to fight the basaltic men on his territory? Why is he running around now? He doesn't seem concerned about a possible attack on his pagoda. Should that happen, it could mean elimination!'

The warrior with a white face was even more surprised that after approaching him, instead of fighting with him, Zen began to cut his basaltic men even without looking at him.

'What does he want?' he wondered.

The warrior with a white face couldn't understand what was happening. Zen was indeed a real puzzle for him!

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