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   Chapter 692 A Real Puzzle (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6279

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According to the rules, as explained by the middle-aged warrior, tasks in the first phase created for competitors, were only to guard their small pagodas. However, there was nothing in the rules that said they could not encroach on the territory of their competitors.

So, Zen crossed over to a territory nearby and killed crow zombies there, an act that exasperated the warrior guarding the area.

Angry, this warrior was not an easy man to handle. He wielded his huge saber and chased after Zen.

But Zen refused to be cut down by him! He moved as swift as a fish swimming in the water as he faced danger.

"Let's see how far you can go!" the warrior muttered. He pursued Zen until they reached a large cloud of corpse poison. The furious warrior believed that Zen would suffer a terrible fate the moment he encountered the corpse poison.

But to his utter shock, the bold fighter broke into the toxic fog without hesitation and went through it unharmed, then continued his killing spree of crow zombies.

"What the hell?" the warrior cried out as he witnessed what Zen had done. "Is this guy not afraid of corpse poison?" he said to himself.

Nothing distracted Zen from his goal and he continued killing crow zombies. He paid even less attention to the warrior.

The warrior was at his wit's end. Even if he caught up with Zen, there was still nothing he could do to stop him. As long as the fighter hid within the toxic fog, all he could do was stand by.

Just as he was busy annihilating crow zombies, Zen suddenly sensed another form of danger. He heard twanging sounds and saw three sharp arrows shot across the sky towards him.

He quickly realized these weapons came from the warrior's pagoda!

Adroitly, he dodged the arrows easily.

Fortunately, the competition was only at the fourth attack stage. So, the warriors could only upgrade t

array test. Each upgrade of the pagoda was to cope with the succeeding attacks from more furious beasts. For example, the first upgrade was to ward off the second wave of beasts, while the second upgrade was intended to fight off the third wave of the beasts. It not only helped warriors fight better, but it also restrained the power of the pagoda to allow the warriors to exert their actual strength.

If Zen gained more points from the territory of other warriors, he could quickly upgrade his pagoda. And if he earned enough points, he could even upgrade his pagoda a fifth time to resist another level of attack.

"I should get as many points as possible from the territory of other warriors," Zen mumbled.

The sound of a tolling bell from the sky sounded again, indicating the fifth attack had begun.

At the same time, many black stone men appeared all over the grassland. It signaled the attack of the fifth wave of demon beasts in the magic array. The stone men, made of black basalt, were called basaltic men. They were mightier than the black turtles.

"Lily!" Zen summoned his sword spirit.

He came up with a bold idea to let Lily handle the basaltic men while he went to steal from the other warrior's territory.

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