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   Chapter 691 Cheating (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-07-15 00:43

Realizing what Zen must've been planning, Michael, Xiao, and the middle-aged man were at such a loss for words.

"That guy right there... What is he thinking?" Michael then turned to look at the Picture Slab.

With his mustache quivering, Xiao replied, "Isn't it obvious? He's going to do away with some other cultivator's crow zombies!"

Furrowing his eyebrows quite deeply, the middle-aged man remarked, "In spite of the fact that he successfully defended his tower and managed to clear out his crow zombies in a short period of time, there are still rules he has to follow. We are still just in the first step of the competition, and fights among cultivators should be included in the second step of the pre-qualifying test. He's not supposed be having a go at competing with another warrior, at least not until they have already survived the first ten rounds of attacks from various beasts! It's clear that he broke the rules we set!"

Shaking with laughter, the old man with the family name of Xiao retorted, "I don't really see it that way. Our rules don't necessarily go against his strategy. It wasn't specifically said that it can't be done"

"That may be true, he might not be going against the rules, but he's definitely cheating!" The middle-aged man, to all intents and purposes, wasn't fond of Zen's actions. Cultivators were supposed to protect their towers during the first step and then proceed to steal from others in the second. No one had ever dared to try to pull off a stunt like stealing others' beasts to kill at the beginning!

They were somewhat open to the idea of a person breaking the rule using Zen's strategy. However, in its entirety, no one had ever managed to kill al

t that time, Zen went over to another area with the intention of killing another warrior's beasts to get points. This made zero sense whatsoever in the eyes of this warrior.

Despite the fact that the cultivator was already having difficulties just from keeping up with the swarm of crow zombies, there was no way in hell he would want someone to take points which were supposed to be for him. The annoyed man cried out, "Go away."

He dashed toward Zen, trying to slash him.

"I just want to give you a helping hand..." Zen justified his reason for being there, wearing a cunning smile as he laid waste to the crow zombies as fast as he possibly could.

The cultivator yelled furiously, "Who said I needed help? Get away from my place! Who do you think you are? Are you trying to play God?"

Zen chuckled, totally unfazed by the angry man. What he needed to do was pass the pre-qualifying match. The swarm of crow zombies in front of him would give him even more points, which would surely earn him more advantages in the second stage. With that in mind, just how could anyone let such an awesome opportunity slip away?

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