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   Chapter 690 Cheating (Part One)

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Just as these people were discussing Zen and the current situation of the test, the middle-aged cultivator glanced at the Picture Slab and remarked, "Now we enter the fourth round of attack."

Upon hearing the announcement, Michael and Xiao immediately shifted their gaze at the Picture Slab.

During the third round of defense, it was quite astonishing how Zen managed to climb into the leaderboards and take the lead in killing black turtles. At the same time, Michael, along with everyone else, was checking how Owen was doing, a cultivator at the consummation of Illuminating Soul Realm, thus missing the scene of Lily, the sword spirit, killing black turtles.

Taking what the middle-aged cultivator said into consideration, Michael and Xiao were burning with curiosity. They could easily tell at a glance that Zen's sword spirit was peculiar. But why? What had made it so special?

In their minds, they only thought that Zen's sword spirit was too beautiful to be true. With a set of elongated ears, it appeared as if the sword spirit was somewhat inhuman. No one had any clue as to which race it could be classified into because it had been gifted with such a flawless physique and quality.

The attacks in the magic array were steadily becoming much, much more vicious.

Not a single one of the cultivators had been defeated in the span of the first round of battle against the spiders with three eyes as well as the second round of battle with the ogres holding spears, and there wasn't even a single pagoda that got destroyed as well.

But the moment the third round of attack arrived, seven of the cultivators' pagodas had already gotten damaged by the black turtles. And the state of affairs just got worse as one by one, the competitors were getting eliminated. Only a few of them w

de to increase.

"Sixty seconds for the fourth round of attack to be fought off!" Zen reckoned how much time they had spent fighting and shifted his gaze into the distance, "That's..."

Zen flew over to finish off those crow zombies and looked even farther. The grassland, which had been constructed using magic array, was uneven and a bit bumpy.

Zen peered at a distance and made out the figure of one cultivator killing crow zombies in another grassland.

However, it looked like the man was having a hard time dealing with them. Those vile creatures flocked him from all sides and spewed out huge amounts of toxic gas, causing the pitiful man to keel over out of fear.

Zen examined the state of his own tower. Given that he had already cleared out the group of crow zombies which had been roaming around it, he was positive that the tower wouldn't be in any real danger, at least until the next round of attack arrived.

The rules stated that the more crow zombies you defeated, the more points you were going to receive. But did it say anything regarding killing off the other participants' crow zombies?

Zen giggled in excitement and hurriedly moved over to another area.

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