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   Chapter 687 Reinforcing The Pagoda

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The members of the World Commercial Alliance didn't underestimate Zen. After all, this magic array wasn't designed for the warriors at the Illuminating Soul Realm like Zen, nor for those who already reached the peak of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

In fact, the massive magic array was particularly designed for the warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm. There weren't many warriors at the peak of the Illuminating Soul Realm that were permitted to enter it. However, they were able to make it to the sixth or seventh wave of attacks before their pagodas were destroyed.

"Let's see. Anyway, it's amazing that a runic expert could pass the registration examination by simply changing the color of the magnetic stone," Michael said with surprise, shaking his head. Although he admired Zen's rune accomplishments, the magic array hadn't tested the rune level. However, it did test the strength of the warriors.

"Actually, I'm also curious about how this guy passed the registration examination," said the middle-aged warrior with a smile.

Zen's cultivation was far too low to be noticeable. He was a warrior at the third grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm and attracted the gaze of other warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm.

The middle-aged warrior continued, "I have already sent someone to ask Xiao to bring the records of the examination today. I don't even know whether he's on his way here."

While they were talking, an old man arrived. The man standing at the gate was Xiao, whom the middle-aged warrior had mentioned before. He was exactly the examiner with the moustache, who was in charge of the registration.

Michael greeted Xiao with a broad smile on his face, "Hello, Xiao. You've arrived at the perfect moment, as we were just talking about you."

Xiao nodded. His eyes had already shifted to the huge Picture Slab. He then asked, "What's the result of the warrior, Zen Luo, in the magic array?"

What he said confused Michael and the middle-aged warrior a lot. Michael asked, "Why do you want to know his result?"

With a smile, Xiao shook his head without saying anything at all. He then narrowed his eyes on the Picture Slab, where Zen's picture was displayed vividly, next to all of his personal information.

"He is the 392nd to pass the first wave?" A look of surprise graced Xiao's face. "What a low result," he muttered.

Zen's result was beyond his expectation. He thought that Zen had the potential to do much better than that.

Seeing Xiao's surprised expression, Michael and the middle-aged warrior grew even more confused. Michael said, "What's wrong? This result is quite normal. He is just a runic exp

main draw match. Michael, let's make a bet."

Michael laughed. He didn't say anything. He obviously didn't accept the bet.

While they were talking, the second wave of attacks commenced in the magic array.

Zen was still studying the points beside his pagoda. He was surprised at the ingenuity of the magic array. After he killed the three-eyed spiders, he got a total of 1, 000 points.

He didn't count the number of spiders in the fight. It seemed that he had killed exactly 1, 000 spiders, resulting in one spider offering one point.

These points were the key to getting three places. Most importantly, they could even be used to reinforce the pagoda.

The middle-aged warrior had also mentioned this rule before. With waves of attacks, the beasts in the magic array would become so strong that warriors wouldn't be able to kill them by themselves. So, that was why they had to make the best use of their points. With the upgrading of the pagoda, its strength would improve and help the guardians.

"1, 000 points for reinforcement!"

Zen placed all his points into the pagoda without the slightest hesitation.

Instantly, his points recorded next to the pagoda returned to zero. At the same time, the pagoda was shrouded by a red light. Soon, the red light dissipated, allowing for a new pagoda to appear.

The reinforced pagoda had risen one meter in height. The edge of the pagoda was inlaid with a golden pattern, which made it even stronger. Moreover, there was one more bowman on the pagoda, which meant that there were a total of two bowmen.

How much could this pagoda possibly be reinforced with more points?

While Zen was looking up at his pagoda, a bell rang out in the sky. The second wave of attack was about to begin.

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