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   Chapter 685 A Special Magic Array

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Soft footsteps echoed as Zen entered the palace. A white-faced refiner immediately appeared in front of him and insolently eyed him from head to toe, his arms crossed against his chest.

"Wow, the third rank of the Illuminating Soul Realm! I'm curious as to how you have signed up for this," the white-faced man said. He grinned toothily at Zen, but Zen just glanced at him.

Based on his life vitality's fluctuation level, Zen gauged that he had just entered the Internal Elixir Realm.

"Get out of my way," Zen said coldly.

He was here to take the pre-qualifying match and not to stir up trouble. Plus, this was the World Commercial Alliance's place, so the Alliance wouldn't just stand by and do nothing if a fight ensued.

"Tsk tsk," the white-faced refiner shook his head. "So much pride, so little talent. Tell me, how did you pass the test of the magnetic stone?"

Zen frowned a little, and his eyes looked defeated. It seemed that wherever he went, he always came across some people who wanted to make things hard for him. He thought for a second, then he smirked, "You really want to know?"

"I said I'm curious, didn't I? Have you got no ears?" the refiner said. He cocked one eyebrow as he waited impatiently for Zen's answer.

"Curious or not, it's none of your business. How I passed the test of the magnetic stone is no concern of yours," Zen calmly answered him and stressed each syllable of his words.

Laughter erupted from the refiners around them. It was amusing to see a refiner at the Internal Elixir Realm get mocked by a refiner at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Of course, the white-faced refiner didn't think that it was amusing at all. Being laughed at brought a rather odd-looking flush to his sickly pale face.

"You…" he said with gritted teeth. He positioned himself into an offensive stance, ready to pounce on Zen.

However, Zen just stared at him without even a hint of unease. He was motionless as a crocodile that lurked in a deep pond.

In the Upper World, Zen had not only learned the nine Original Laws, his soul had also entered the Fighting Soul Realm. On top of that, he had ingested a drop of Genuine Dragon blood essence, and ten drops of Genuine Dragon blood in the Dragon Lineage Human's refining sanctum in the last two months. After that, his refining level skyrocketed and his body became much stronger.

Now, he was already at the third level of Malicious Wheel of Life and Death, a tier 5 cultivation method.

When Zen had reached the first level of skill, he had easily defeated Frank. He was still a nature creature at that time. Now that Zen had stepped into the third rank of Illuminating Soul Realm, his strength improved greatly and manifested itself at the Dragon Soar Arena. Moreover, he had also fought with Mason from the Bloodwood Cliff. With his knowledge of the Space Law, he had seriously injured Mason w

as also a test. To be more precise, it was an enormous magic array the World Commercial Alliance set up.

This magic array could top all the other arrays that Zen had ever seen. The one he had seen in the Cloud Sect was like a kid's toy compared to this magic array.

The middle-aged refiner spent half of his time elaborating on the rules, then took a step aside. Then, he uncovered the curtain that hung over the palace wall with a single wave.

"Now that you all know the rules, it's time to get into the magic array!"

The middle-aged refiner added with a smile, "Good luck to you all!"

Behind the curtain was a big black shadow, which was the entrance of this huge magic array. The participants of the pre-qualifying match formed a line in front of the entrance and disappeared into it one by one.

Zen was the last to arrive, so he was the last in line. The middle-aged refiner had seen Zen before he entered and was surprised at his refining level. However, he smiled at Zen and said, "Good luck to you."

"Thank you," Zen said calmly, then entered the magic array.

The middle-aged refiner rubbed the bridge of his nose. It was incredible. The pre-qualifying match was held for several days. Even refiners at the peak of the Illuminating Soul Realm were rare in the pre-qualifying match, but here was a refiner at the third rank of the Illuminating Soul Realm. However, the middle-aged refiner sensed Zen's confidence! Did he really think that he could get into the main draw match?

After Zen entered the magic array, he found himself in the middle of a vast white space. Little by little, the outline of the surrounding scenery revealed itself.

On the lush grassland was a pagoda, which was as tall as three people. Two words which read "Zen Luo" were inscribed on it. An archer with a long bow stood on the pagoda.

"What an interesting magic array!" Zen said as a smile crossed his face.

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