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   Chapter 684 The Strong Warriors At The Pre-qualifying Match

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"What? He passed the test?"

"Something has to be wrong with the magnetic stone! He couldn't have passed otherwise! Does World Commercial Alliance have such low prestige?"

"Is this a joke? Maybe I'll try it too! For all I know, I could pass."

The old man's announcement regarding Zen's passing of the examination caused quite a buzz in the atmosphere. Most onlookers were not convinced by the verdict.

The vast majority of warriors present were at the Illuminating Soul Realm, with their grades ranging from seven to nine.

They had come to join in the fun of the pre-qualifying match. At the same time, they also wanted to see the strength of other warriors to estimate whether they could defeat them, and to gauge their chances of qualifying.

To their disappointment, even being on the eighth or ninth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm seemed a bit weak, especially in competition against those who had reached the consummation.

Not all the warriors were from large families. Many independent warriors, or those who were from minor sects, had very little money in their pockets. But a number of them carried a supreme life vitality crystal, which they were reluctant to give to the old examiner.

After all, the passing rate was too low. It was very difficult for the warriors at the Illuminating Soul Realm to earn a supreme crystal, so they didn't want to take a risk. It was very likely they would lose their crystals and never get anything back.

A fellow at the third grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm had somehow appeared among these people. The power of thunder and lightning in his weak punch was low, but due to this very punch, the magnetic stone's color had changed for a total of 5 minutes!

It was hard for them to believe what their eyes showed them, so they began to wonder if the stone had broken.

Who could this young man be? It was Zen. Whether he passed or not had nothing to do with these warriors. Still, when the old man announced Zen's passing, they were jealous enough to complain. "Why? Why and how did he pass?"

"If he passes, all of us pass!"

"The World Commercial Alliance has lost all of its credibility. This is obviously cheating!"

"What are they even thinking? It is impossible for a guy at the third grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm to pass the pre-qualifying match! He is sure to die at the Martial Arts Contest!"

As the warriors complained and whined, the old man rebuked, his cold face frowning with displeasure. "Shut up!" he said.

The warriors' ears buzzed at the sound of his voice. The look he gave was so col

st warriors had reached the consummation of the Illuminating Soul Realm. Most of them had reached the early-stage Internal Elixir Realm and a small group had reached the middle-stage Internal Elixir Realm.

These were some of the best independent warriors. They were all earth-level talents or higher. They had gotten what they had without using the resources of influential sects.

Two warriors at the middle-stage Internal Elixir Realm stood leaning against the wall, their eyes closed. Neither of them opened their eyes, but they had sensed the unusual restlessness in the hall.

One whispered to the other, "Don't you find it strange that this fellow is only at the third grade of Illuminating Soul Realm and still qualified?"

The other warrior opened his eyes, looked around lazily, spotted Zen and then closed his eyes indifferently. "Yeah, he is at the third grade. But it seems like he has some special gifts. Maybe he just understands some laws deeply."

"Do you want to play tricks on him after the match starts?"

Contrary to the other warrior, this one showed a keen interest in Zen.

"Meh... Don't bore me. Our goal is the main draw match. Don't cause any trouble," the other one replied, still not bothered.

In the face of all these warriors that were obviously talking about him, Zen stood with a calm face. He was as normal as he was before he passed the examination. He was a warrior. Occasionally, he suffered from violent mood swings, which was when his will of martial arts shook a bit. But when he was determined to achieve his goal, he would always stick to it no matter how difficult it was.

And now, to kill Marilyn, which he was determined to do, he needed to pass the pre-qualifying match.

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