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   Chapter 683 Pass The Test

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It was noon. The sun was blazing hot. Zen passed by a lot of warriors who looked at him with confusion. He did not pay any attention to these comments around and walked straight to the side of the magnetic stone. He stopped before the stone and started to examine it carefully.

He found the magnetic stone to be very strange. He sensed something strange about it, some energy he had never felt before. Even the Law Power in it was very special from all the other powers he had learned.

As the most basic constitution in the world, the Original Law existed almost everywhere. Just like mountains and boulders that contained the power of the Earth Law, various peculiar flames also contained the power of the Fire Law and the Space Law was seen everywhere in the vast space. Everything had a law, following a certain path and rule.

However, most ordinary people could not sense them, understand or even get use of them. It took special skill to understand most of the laws that were known to mankind.

The magnetic stone contained the power of seven Original Laws, which were the laws of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Electricity. All these seven Original Laws were evenly interwoven with each other which gave Zen a very peculiar feeling.

The previous cultivator named Owen used the Wind Law to inspire the Wind Law stored in the magnetic stone. This was responsible for the change of the magnetic stone's color.

'Using one power of the Original Law could make the magnetic stone change. What if I use the combined power of seven Original Laws? What will happen?' Zen suddenly had such an idea in his mind. Even he himself did not know why he had come up with such a fantastic idea.

Little did he know that he was not the only one to have such an idea.

The magnetic stone was indeed, a very unique stone. It did not belong to metal nor iron classification. It was so hard that neither sharp knives nor spears could break it. Even such a small piece of magnetic stone could not be broken by the all-out blow by a refiner of Virtual Tribulation Realm. It was harder than diamond, with very exceptional strength and durability.

This magnetic stone was excavated from the Magnetic Sacred Mountain in the extreme depths of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. Not discovered by any human, it weathered at the top of the mountain and then dropped down after millions of years of natural evolution.

Some refiners also inferred that it should require the master of seven Original Laws which were contained in the Magnetic Sacred Mountain to process or disassemble the magnetic stone.

At this point, it was almost impossible for the refiners of Central Region to do that. Thus, this stone was very precious, indeed.

"Combine seven laws? Young man, what an audacious idea!" The cyan dragon said, his voice echoing in Zen's mind. After swallowing that evil spirit of the Owl Beast, the cyan dragon had rarely said anything. Maybe because he seemed to be very busy with absorbing the soul power of the Owl Beast. Swallowing the spirit of the Owl Beast helped him recover from his weakness.

"What did you mean? Is it really that hard to mix seven pieces of Law Power?" Zen asked, confused by the cyan dragon's statement.

"Yes, very difficult. Besides, the magnetic stone here is not just an ordinary magn

ld change the color of the stone and sustain it for around twenty seconds. That was pretty impressive!

Some weaker refiners, such as the ones under the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, could change colors, too. But the change could only last up to two seconds. But still, it counted as passing the test, as per the rule.

Owen, the refiner from Woollen Grassland who took the test before Zen, used the power of the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Real to change the color. He was able to change the color of the magnetic stone and sustain it to up to nine seconds! Even that was already impressive.

But now, a new warrior held the record.

The refiner at the level three of Illuminating Soul Realm had sustained the color for more than thirty seconds!

Upon the stone's color changing, a lot of people were convinced that maybe the stone was indeed, broken. Thirty seconds had passed, and it had not yet reverted back to its original color, green. The longer the color stayed red, the more suspicion aroused.

Forty seconds passed.

Count was still going on and one minute passed.

The magnetic stone stayed the same, without any sign of changing back to green.

"I cannot believe that even the magnetic stone would be broken!"

"Maybe it has been punched for so many times that it got broken"

"The magnetic stone is broken by punches! Are you kidding? The magnetic stone had fallen from the sky to a sacred mountain. How could it be broken by punches? It's more powerful than that!"

After five minutes, the color started to change, fading from red into green.

Noticing the change, Zen nodded slightly, then walked up to the old man with mustache and asked, "Did I pass?"

The old man, a wise judge for the test, stared at the magnetic stone with a blank face. He was an expert in his field that he had more knowledge than the refiners around him. To the old man's delight, the magnetic stone was not damaged at all by frequent punches, not by wear-and-tear. It was still functioning properly.

The old man was still in deep thought when he heard Zen's words. He looked up to Zen in such astonishment, still disoriented, and said, "Yes, you have passed!"

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