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   Chapter 682 Pass Or Fail (Part Two)

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However, even though some practitioners didn't pass the pre-qualifying test, they didn't think that the supreme life vitality crystal went to waste. They took it as a payment for a great opportunity to broaden their horizons. Pass or fail, the practitioners couldn't take back the supreme life vitality crystal.

When the first practitioner left, another practitioner tried his luck.

The practitioner had a crew cut and calm eyes. He was carrying a navy-blue machete on his back. He walked up to the old man, carelessly tossed a supreme life vitality crystal on the desk, and then walked towards the pale green stone.

"I wonder if he can make it!"

"He has reached the top-grade Illuminating Soul Realm. I think he can make the magnetic stone change its color."

"I won't be so sure. Earlier, two practitioners has also reached that realm, remember? But they failed anyway."

The crowd exchanged opinions with each other. As Zen listened, he finally got to know that it was a magnetic stone. It was quite different from any other ordinary stones that even the practitioners who reached the top-grade Illuminating Soul Realm would have failed to affect it.

The practitioner with the machete approached the green stone, but he didn't do anything. He just stood slackly and simply waved his hand towards the stone.

There was nothing at first. Then a sound of wind came.

Then suddenly, the wind rushed towards the stone and hit it hard.

'Wow! That's sharp and fierce! He applied a bit of the principle of wind.' Zen thought to himself. This man hadn't even reached the Internal Elixir Realm yet, but he had the strength that could not be underestimated. It was quite rare that a practitioner who

inating Soul Realm could take part in the pre-qualifying test, only a few had truly succeeded. The magnetic stone was already a great obstacle and no one knew if there could be another test after that.

Most of the practitioners who had passed the test were at the top level of the Illuminating Soul Realm and some had even reached the Internal Elixir Realm.

As of to date, the number of the practitioners of the Illuminating Soul Realm who had passed the test was less than ten. Out of those who passed, most of them were already at the eighth or ninth level of Illuminating Soul Realm. That meant that they were almost the best martial artists among those who were in the same realm.

But standing before them right now was a practitioner of the third-grade Illuminating Soul Realm who was about to take on the challenge. The bystanders who didn't sign up for the pre-qualifying test were just there for the drama. They wanted to see which one of the challengers would pass and which one would fail. And for them, Zen was considered rather weak and they were looking forward to seeing him fail and eventually embarrass himself.

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