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   Chapter 680 Letitia‘s Little Secret (Part Two)

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"Do you know the cultivation levels of the others who attend it?" Letitia asked him again.

Zen thought for a moment before shaking his head. "I really don't."

Letitia gave him a bitter smile, also shaking her head. "You don't even know how the others are situated, yet you plan on attending the Martial Arts Contest? The warriors who take part in the contest could be at any level below the late stage of the Internal Elixir Realm. They are elite disciples cultivated by old geezers of level four or five sects! Are you certain you can fight them? With you being at the third level of the Illuminating Soul Realm?

You are not strong like Blake, Benson, and some other disciples of Cloud Hall. You're not even in the running.

Moreover, the candidates attending the contest have already been chosen. If you wish to attend it, you have to attend it as an independent warrior and get the qualification by yourself.

If you like the idea of getting yourself killed in the process, I won't stop you," Letitia spouted out, her words a firm warning. Zen grew silent.

"I must attend the Martial Arts Contest," he said as she looked at him coldly. "I must obtain the Dragon Soar Arena, and Marilyn must die!"

Making this announcement, Zen turned around and left without bidding them goodbye.

"You!" Letitia had previously planned to warn Zen not to attend the Martial Arts Contest, because she knew he would probably die otherwise. But Zen's short speech had not given her any leeway to fully convince him.

However, the old lady, Letitia's master, smiled appreciatively. She had lived for long and was very experienced. She had been angry that Zen blamed Letitia

lived for so long. How could she not see what was blooming between Letitia and Zen?

The way Letitia talked to Zen was so different from how she reacted to others. She did not behave like she was the rightful head of the Cloud Hall at all! How could her master not put two and two together then? She knew the secret Letitia was harboring.

The old lady knew that Letitia and Zen had gone through something together at the Cloud Road, however, she did not know exactly what had occurred. It did not matter, in any case. As long as Zen continued to have breakthroughs and could be powerful enough, she wouldn't mind marrying Tia off to Zen.

As per her point of view, Zen truly was a rare genius. His potential was as great as Tia's. For the sake of his cultivation, using up all the resources at Cloud Hall would be worth it.

It was a pity that Zen was too weak right now. Not all geniuses got the chance to grow without a spanner in the works. Zen expected to kill Marilyn and declared a war against Eddie Cui in the process. It wasn't certain that Zen would survive the Martial Arts Contest at all.

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