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   Chapter 679 Letitia‘s Little Secret (Part One)

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Although the old lady looked to be senile, there was breathtaking force in her cloudy eyes. Her halting steps seemed like they concealed profound skills.

Before Zen heard Letitia call the old lady master, he did not understand who she was. In fact, the old woman was the one behind the success of Cloud Hall.

Although Letitia had such a great talent that she had almost finished the final stage of the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, which was the top method skill, she was still too lightweight for the position of head of Cloud Hall.

The old lady didn't respond to Letitia's greeting but said to Zen, "You are only a disciple of the Elite House. How dare you question the head of Cloud Hall to her face? Enlighten me!" The old lady then turned to Letitia. "Tia, you have made a mistake. How can you stand there and allow a disciple of the Elite House to speak like this? Don't you think you are losing face here, as the head of Cloud Hall? What about your authority? You, the head of Cloud Hall, actually apologized to him!"

Letitia opened her mouth, wanting to point out to her master that Zen was quite unusual. However, she was afraid that her master would then ask her why.

Why was Zen so unusual? She could not answer such a question. She never insisted on her authority before Zen. That was the reason why Zen was different... But if she really said that, her master would have all the more reason to admonish her.

"Eddie Cui plans to set the Lustful Demon Array to break through the limitations of death. He wants to find three warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm. Each of the warriors must have a Purple Power Body, which is rare," the old lady said to Zen in a hoarse voice. "The Purple Power Body is exceptional, but it is uncommon. What's more impossib

would be killed straightaway without being shown any sympathy.

In short, the Martial Arts Contest was a field for gladiator battles. Due to the Dragon Soar Arena, each sect paid more attention to the Martial Arts Contest. They were more eager to win the top spot. It was but natural that the contest was very fierce.

Someone once remarked that the Martial Arts Contest held by the World Commercial Alliance every decade or so was a small-scale sectarian war. It was an opportunity to test the strengths of each sect in peacetime.

"Are there any conditions for a warrior to attend the Martial Arts Contest?" Zen voiced out another question.

Before her master could get in a word, Letitia demanded, her eyebrows furrowing, "Are you planning on attending it?"

"Of course I am!" Zen looked at Letitia, determination etched across his face.

Zen had always been planning to take part in the Martial Arts Contest. He was already a member of the Dragon Lineage Human. That was to say he belonged to the Dragon Abyss Palace. He was dependent on the Dragon Soar Arena if he wanted to fly to the Genuine Dragon World. It was obvious that the arena was crucial to him.

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