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   Chapter 678 Zen's Resentment

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With the years he spent in this colorful world, Zen had also heard of a few things about the Genuine Dragon.

The Dragon Lineage Human had its descendants scattered all over the world. Where Zen was from, they had remained in power for a time but were eventually thrown off their rule.

They had kept some beasts alive as their familiars- some of them were the flood dragon, the winged dragon, and horned dragon. When their power was toppled, the beasts became ownerless and wandered.

The records about the True Dragon dated back to 160, 000 years before, at a time when a far-reaching battle between the union of seven divine kingdoms and the Dragon Lineage Humans was happening on the other side of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

Even though the Dragon Lineage Humans had inherited power from the Genuine Dragon, they were defeated by the alliance of the seven kingdoms. One of the goals of the alliance was to wipe out all the Dragon Lineage Humans. Even after their victory, they continued to pursue and kill the descendants as they were running away.

But desperate men were the most dangerous. When those Dragon Lineage Humans were cornered with no way of escape, they offered millions of their lives to their ancestors. With enough people being killed as sacrifice, they opened a tunnel from which they summoned a Genuine Dragon.

According to old retellings, the dragon that emerged was of such massive size that people who laid eyes on it were not even able to tell where it ended and began. From the front, there was a glimpse of its head, its eyes burning in the darkness. Then, after it breathed out once, the tunnel collapsed, leaving no trace of the dragon.

The world's energy was too weak to support the legendary beast. Despite millions of sacrificed souls, it was only enough for a moment. With one breath, the dragon disappeared.

However, the Dragon Lineage Human's sacrifice had not been in vain. So powerful was the dragon that even just its breath was strong enough to annihilate people from all three of the seven kingdoms. The four kingdoms that existed today were those who had survived.

The Dragon Lineage Human had all but vanished, but the people had not been able to forget the dragon, inspiring both awe and terror to those who had laid eyes on it. Those who lived to tell the tale passed it on, and its legend was a living and breathing story. Hundreds of thousands of years had changed the surface of the world considerably- mountain tumbled and seas had become mulberry fields, but the image of the Genuine Dragon was as fresh as yesterday in people's minds.

The Genuine Dragon had power beyond anything that anyone could conceive.

Which was why Letitia was surprised.

That day when Zen left Cloud Hall secretly, Letitia had found him. She had seen him in Cloud Road, and so she had a clear idea of his abilities. Luck was on this man's side. He would not be killed easily. It was no surprise that he managed to get in Cloud Hall, along with the best of the best.

behind like you did to her?" Zen shouted, his eyes burning with rage.

Despite her position as the leader of Cloud Hall, Letitia was young. She was carrying a huge responsibility upon her shoulders, but her heart was still tender. She felt stinging in her eyes as guilt crept inside her chest.

She had fought side by side with Zen on the Cloud Road.

The time she spent with him was when she was her most free. She forgot her position, her responsibilities, and just like people of her age, she was allowed to make her mistakes.

If other people saw that a master of Virtual Tribulation Realm, the leader of Cloud Hall, was being questioned by a mere disciple, they would have been at a loss for words.

Her delicate oval face twisted in guilt, like a reprimanded child in the brink of tears. She hung her head down and murmured, so softly that Zen almost missed it, "Sorry..."

He wanted to tell her off and curse, and say that her apology made no difference, but seeing Letitia's expression, Zen became soften.

He clenched his fists. It was no use to blame her.

The warrior's world was cruel. Eddie joined no sect and he was an independent warrior, but he was the most powerful one in Central Region. Even the Ethereal Spirit Sect would not want to upset him, let alone Cloud Hall which was much weaker sect!

As the leader of Cloud Hall, Letitia had only done what she had to.

"Right," Zen grunted.

Looking at Zen, Letitia opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Suddenly, an old woman's voice sounded, "Young man, it is the Evil East Lord who has taken away your sister. If you're brave enough, go to find him and save her. Do not pass the blame on Cloud Hall. This matter is your concern."

Zen was shocked at her words. An old woman with silvery hair was walking towards them, her back hunched from old age. She went through Letitia's enchanted barrier without any difficulty.

Letitia welcomed her quickly, holding her arm and addressing her as "Master."

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