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   Chapter 677 The Secret Of A Thousand Years (Part Two)

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In fact, they weren't as excited to fly into the Upper World. On the contrary, what they truly wanted was to gain possession of the arena and simply prepare for themselves an easy way out.

The stronger the warriors had become, the more terrified they were of death. Despite the fact that they lived a long life, they would still have to die at some point. Time, much like a sharpened knife, would be the enemy who would end up giving them a fatal blow at the final moment of their lives.

Meaning to say, as soon as they reached the moment when they started feeling as though they had one foot in the grave already, they would go to great lengths to seek treasures, desperate to extend their lives by any means possible, or even dive into the jaws of death just to reach the Kingdom of God and train themselves.

If they, for whatever reason, failed to get a breakthrough in their training, they could still place their hopes and dreams on the Upper World and look for chances to make a breakthrough. That was precisely the way of thinking of most of the strong men at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

"There you have it. So, can I go now?" Zen asked, tipping his head and looking over at Dillon.

Dillon just bobbed his head and said, "Given that the dilemma of the Dragon Soar Arena has been solved without a hitch, I don't think there's anyone who could stop you in Oracle City."

The strong men at the Virtual Tribulation Realm who were silently watching simply chose to pay Zen no heed. The fact of the matter was, to embarrass an innocent young man at the Illuminating Soul Realm wasn't an honorable thing to do. Be that as it might, the problem of the ar

mmodate VIPs. Letitia, evidently, was a VIP.

As soon as Zen stepped foot inside the palace, Letitia waved her hand over to him, and a huge snowflake pattern materialized on the ground. As it expanded, an enchanted barrier emerged to envelop them.

"Now, no one will be able to eavesdrop on our conversation in here. Be honest with me. You mentioned that the warriors who flew into the Upper World would beyond doubt be imprisoned for a thousand years. How did you make your way back here?" Letitia queried.

Grinning from ear to ear, Zen brought out a little container he got from the space ring and tossed it over to Letitia. "As stated by the rules of the Dragon Lineage Human, every human who has a drop of Genuine Dragon blood in their system shall become one of them. Take this. This one is for you!"

Letitia examined the bottle, inside of which was a drop of blood pulsating rhythmically. In spite of the fact that she was rather capable and well-informed, she gulped instinctively struggling to come up with a response. "So, you're telling me this is what Genuine Dragon blood looks like?"

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