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   Chapter 676 The Secret Of A Thousand Years (Part One)

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The fact of the matter was, what Dillon was actually intending to say was that as Zen got increasingly powerful, eventually, even Arnold would end up being no match for him. Besides, Zen had already grasped the Perfect Brushwork at such an early age. On the other hand, Dillon had examined and analyzed the meditation runes presented by Michael painstakingly. Perfect Brushwork was not just the focal point of those runic textures. Their brand-new composition was just truly awe-inspiring as well. An adolescent wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of drawing them, but Michael wasn't really the type to fool around and make fun of things of this sort. So, Dillon had no choice but to take his word for it.

"Mr. Shi, did you show up alongside Zen just to trick us?" Lady Poison-blood questioned him in utter bewilderment.

Raven was also shaking his head. If they hadn't witnessed it with their very own eyes, there was probably no way they'd ever trust Dillon's words that Zen could rival Arnold at all. What did this entail?

All of Arnold's unparalleled and never-before-seen rune accomplishments had already been deeply ingrained in the hearts of the citizens. How could Zen's runes ever hope to hold a candle to Arnold's?

"Dillon isn't trying to deceive you. As strange as it might seem, it's the truth!" Hobbes, wearing a vicious expression on his face, spat.

These three mighty fat men were worlds apart in regard to their temper. Dillon was quite unpredictable but still knowledgeable. As for Hobbes, he was much like a bear with a sore head.

"Hobbes, pull yourself together," Dillon said, shaking his head and feeling a bit irritated. "If you're having a hard time accepting that fact, why don't I just go ahead and show you the runes that were drawn by Zen? You might think th

's claims were indeed true.

Witnessing all of that with her own two eyes made Tia even more doubtful, feeling like something was quite amiss. Could Zen really be that good? Why would he be so considerate as to repair the rune on the sixth floor without asking for anything in return? Could he have some ulterior motives?

Most of the other leaders were thinking the exact same thing. After Jordan took off from the arena, Raven was actually holding an extra jade card in his hand. "This right here is Jordan's life jade card. If Jordan ends up dying, this is going to be shattered."

Stating that, he then nonchalantly tossed the jade card onto the top of the arena, leaving it there to spin continuously. It would actually take so long before they could find out whether Jordan was safe or not, but they weren't really aware that there was a good chance Jordan wouldn't ever be coming back.

Now that they had concrete proof that the arena had been brought back to its original state, the strong men at the Virtual Tribulation Realm decided to just relax and take it easy. Time was on their side, so there was no need to be in a hurry to check whether the arena was secure or not.

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