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   Chapter 675 A Reluctant Compromise

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The sound of screams ripped through the wind, and at once the Septuplets of the Ethereal Spirit stopped, placing their sword sidewards, their lights disconnecting and waning slowly.

On the other hand, Letitia quickly put her ice halberd behind. Curling her legs, she sat down on it, the phoenix feathers falling down like a gorgeous curtain.

It was almost unbelievable that the three fat men's breathing changed so much after running around. They looked like any other common person. In fact, they appeared to be even lower than warriors. But the leaders present knew better. None of them dared look down upon these three men.

Of the three, the lovely one was called Dillon Shi. The vicious-looking one was named Hobbes Yan, and the red-faced one was Haber Mo.

These seemingly feeble men were the three managers of the World Business Alliance.

The alliance didn't belong to any particular sect. It had started off as an organization established by a group of businessmen who had control of over seventy percent of the life vitality mines and eighty percent of all the businesses in the Central Region.

With this much power and resources at their disposal, it was an unspoken but uncontested knowledge that their members were the strongest force in the Central Region. They were comparable to the sixth grade sect and were on the level of a sacred place, a destination that many warriors yearned for, but only a few handful reached.

A sect that was able to achieve a sixth grade level could be bestowed the title of a sacred place.

Such knowledge about the World Commercial Alliance was accepted as fact. Their power had even been compared to the sacred place. There were none disputed word about their strength, but the most astonishing fact was that it developed so quietly, far from people's notice.

The three fat men, for instance, who were also old masters at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, looked like weak, defenseless bumpkins who could be bullied by just anyone. There was no power emanating from them at all.

Despite this, no one could lay a hand on them. Not Cloud Hall, not the Ethereal Spirit Sect……

Since Letitia had arrived, the area around Dragon Soar Arena had become the center of Oracle City.

The two old men in the Ethereal Spirit Sect, Letitia's master, and many more warriors- both those who belonged to sects and those who did not- all kept a close watch on this place.

Oracle City was a big city, but even its breadth couldn't stop these old geezers from coming here in a flash. But they had other motives in mind.

The one called Dillon made a respectful bow in front of the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit and Letitia. A smile lit up his face as he said, "Everyone, you all came here as guests of Oracle City. It is really not a becoming behavior to fight with one another. How about sitting down and discussing it peacefully, like the esteemed men that you all surely are?"

Letitia looked at Dillo

e Internal Elixir Realm." Zen began. "In desperation, I altered the runes on the sixth floor of Dragon Soar Arena. You were unable to soar up after then. But I have put things back in place just now, and it would be just as before."

"Altered the runes? Humph. You are making irresponsible remarks! Even the top runic experts in the Central Region cannot alter the arena's runes. They are far too abstruse. So how could a mere disciple have done it?" Raven sneered. Several leading sects had already inferred that the problem was in the runes of the sixth floor. After reaching this conclusion, they had sent for the best runic experts in the Central Region to try to fix the problem. However, all their efforts had been in vain. Not one from the experts was able to decipher the runes. It was far too sophisticated for current knowledge to understand.

Zen shrugged, then looked at Dillon and said, "The World Commercial Alliance's branch in Cloudy City must have failed to pass the message to you. If they had, you should have surely known my ability on runes."

Zen said this nonchalantly, and then everyone turned to Dillon.

Dillon stared blankly for a moment, shook his round head, then suddenly patted his head with his hand and said, "Zen? Zen Luo! I have totally forgotten about it!"

A couple of months ago, Michael, the leader of the branch of the World Commercial Alliance in Cloudy City delivered a message. A runic expert with the perfect brushwork had appeared. From then on, Zen would be someone that they kept under close watch. But Dillon did not connect the Zen in front of him to that Zen who was a runic expert.

How could he have failed to remember this? Squinting his eyes, Dillon nodded to the people of Virtual Tribulation Realm and said, "Zen was right. In terms of mastery of runes, no one but Arnold could compare to him in the whole Central Region!"

As soon as he finished, an astonished silence befell upon the gathered crowd.

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