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   Chapter 674 Three Fat People (Part Two)

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The icy halberd on Letitia's hand made the atmosphere fiery. Her eyes began to flash light, ready to destroy anyone who would want to mess with her people. Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit showed no emotion on their faces as they moved forward. Each of them took a fighting position, and they together set a battle formation and drew their swords all at the same time.

Leader of Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit asked in a tone of disbelief, "Letitia, do you want war with Ethereal Spirit Sect?"

"No, I want nothing but peace from you. But I have to protect Zen. He's a disciple of Cloud Hall," Letitia said coldly, showing no emotions at all.

Hearing Letitia's words, Zen was touched. He was very much unwilling to drag the Cloud Hall into war. He never meant to start it, and never meant to have anyone clean up his mess. He started this, and he should be the only one to end this. As touched as he might be from what Letitia was showing him, he did not want anyone to be in trouble for defending him. He then thought of a plan that would settle this dispute by himself.

"Cloud Hall has been developing well and rapidly over the past years. A lot of improvements have been made by you and your people. In ten years, I believe Cloud Hall will have an equal position with the Ethereal Spirit Sect," leader of the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit announced. "But... Letitia, you're overconfident and proud. If I were you, I would keep a low profile and keep my head down. Cloud Hall is going to pay for fighting with the Ethereal Spirit!" he added threateningly.

"Don't be a fool. I know Cloud Hall is looked down upon by Ethereal Spirit Sect. But don't think you can defeat us easily. You'll have to take Zen over my dead body. But you must have forgotten, there're more than dozens of sects in the Central Region. When you're weak because of our fight, I'm afraid that other sects may harbor malicious intentions towards you. By then,

lly sons of a wealthy landlord. They were bouncing as they walked.

Although all of them were fat, nobody would confuse them with one another. You could still tell them apart.

The first fat guy seemed to be weak and lovely, with fair skin as smooth as silk, with eyes that would sparkle when you called his name. His eyelashes were so long, so full and so elegant.

The second guy was dark skinned, and he looked like he was sun kissed. He had a fierce-looking face. He would look like a ferocious wild boar if he had a pair of tusks. Anyone who would meet him would initially be threatened and scared.

As for the third guy, he had a fine color in his rosy cheeks, like he had so much joy in the world. He seemed to be as kind as a Maitreya Buddha, willing to do anything to help others. He had a smile plastered on his face wherever he went.

They were catching their breath from all the walking. After all, they weren't really physically fit.

They stopped before the Dragon Soar Arena, extremely tired. Clearly, their huge bodies had been their great liabilities. Every step took them a lot of effort, making them sweat.

The fat guy, with the lovely expression on his face, took several deep breaths and rested his arms on his hips, before saying, "Stop, stop!"

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