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   Chapter 673 Three Fat People (Part One)

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Lady Poison-blood from Bloodwood Cliff and Raven from Black Mountain Sect could be easily dealt with. They were good, yes, but not ones who could scare a warrior off. Although belonging to the fourth-grade sects, both Bloodwood Cliff and Black Mountain Sect were still very different from Cloud Hall, because the latter was well known as the best fourth-grade sect, housing some of the brightest warriors with huge potentials to be honed.

The fifth-grade sect, Ethereal Spirit Sect was different. It was the largest, and most influential force in the Central Region apart from World Commercial Alliance.

Lady Poison-blood's and Raven's faces lit up at the sight of Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit coming to them.

At the Martial Arts Contest, tension rose high as the belonging of Dragon Soar Arena would be decided there. Bloodwood Cliff, Black Mountain Sect, Mysterious Luna Hall as well as some independent warriors would have a chance to get it.

However, Dragon Soar Arena wasn't the key problem here. Investigation results showed that runes on the Dragon Soar Arena had already been altered and Zen was the only guy who was able to use it to fly to the Upper World. What on earth did Zen do to those runes? Because of this commotion, the focus was shifted from the Dragon Soar Arena to Zen. What could he be hiding? Zen was nervous, his eyes averted every single one of the other warriors who were in the area.

If Zen didn't tell the truth about Dragon Soar Arena, it would be useless even though those warriors had got it. They needed the arena to enter the Upper World, and that was the only thing that mattered. Its functions for martial arts refining weren't that important to them.

Nobody expected that a disciple from Cloud hall knew the Dragon Soar Arena best. They could not let Zen go, after all, their ultimate goal was to go to the Upper World through the arena.

Everyone was confused on how such a warrior of low cultivation level be able to un

d eyes. To everyone's surprise, even phoenix feathers started to grow on her back like wildfire.

Letitia blinked, and she noticed icy crystals hung on her eyebrows. She stretched out her hand, looking at all the other things that had changed since her metamorphosis. Then everyone noticed that an icy blue halberd had appeared on her hand.

This halberd, made of unknown kind of ice, was as long as the phoenix. It was so long that two Letitias could measure it up.

Zen raised his eyebrows, confused. Last time on the Cloud Road, he had never seen Letitia using this halberd. He couldn't imagine that such a tiny girl had the strength to wield it in a battle.

Was this the warrior Letitia? Zen looked at her with great interest.

The stone-faced Lady Poison-blood and Raven felt disappointed. They had wished and expected Letitia to behave herself and stay out of it. But she was never ready to give up Zen. Although Cloud Hall could never succeed in defying Ethereal Spirit Sect, Letitia still wanted Zen to grow even more under her wings.

Letitia had already made up her mind to protect Zen as well as any of her disciples. Whoever tried to put her warriors in trouble, she was ready to fight for them even if she was going to fight such unfriendly and vicious warriors. Was she crazy for doing this?

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