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   Chapter 672 Letitia Ning

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That was when he saw a young woman floating closer. He stared at her long legs which were bent as though she was reclining. He followed the fit looking limbs up, gazing at her torso and the near perfect curves the woman had. He looked higher, finding it impossible to look away from the flawless oval face. With a pert nose and full lips, she appeared a vision. Her high cheekbones served to draw attention to the seductive allure of her doe-like emerald eyes framed by her ideally arched brows. As she stared back at Zen, she narrowed her captivating eyes flirtatiously.

Blood rushed to Zen's face as he gazed at the young lady, and he felt an irresistible impulse to do anything she asked wash over him.

"Wow! Her flirtation skill is frighteningly strong!" exclaimed Zen kitting his browline curiously. A slight quiver went through his soul before he felt his body return to normal, the fog in his brain cleared, and he could see clearly once more.

"Huh?" Lady Poison-blood uttered, as a bewildered look crossed her face. Her flirtation skill was exceptional, and it was especially potent against young men! 'That's odd?! Based on his bone structure, he's seventeen, eighteen the oldest. That's when boys are becoming men, and lacking experience. They are already easily swayed by the opposite sex, and unable to resist my flirtation skill! He was only affected for a few seconds and managed to break the enchantment. How's that possible?' deliberated Lady Poison-blood, baffled.

Naturally, she didn't realize that Zen's soul was at the Fighting Soul Level! It would be nearly impossible for anyone with such a powerful soul be bamboozled by her flirtation skill!

"What I am doing is not your business!" snapped Zen grimacing.

"It's–it's none of my business? The man you injured was my Bloodwood Cliff disciple! Do you really believe you can leave here, unscathed? Are you delusional?" she spat out venomously. A wicked gleam in her eyes, her voice became a purr as she continued, "If you like dreaming that much, why not come dream with me? After the wet dream we conjure up, there won't be anything but you, in a state of complete satiated relaxation..." After her proposition, Lady Poison-blood's raunchy laughter filled the air.

It was obvious to Zen that her flirtation skill was an unhanded method of sucking the vitality from men, and he was unmoved. He deduced that a wet dream with her would leave a corpse in place of a man.

Lady Poison-blood's flirtation skill was extremely intoxicating! She could use the skill while laughing. As her sweet, alluring voice flooded the air, the other men present, including Fred, felt their blood boil.

The effect was more pronounced on the low-level practitioners that were in earshot. Hearing her voice reverberating, the men became flushed and had a glazed, dreamy look in their eyes. As the delirium washed over the men, they stared, unable to think straight, with their mouths hanging open and zombie-like at the beautif

l Tribulation Realm. Since she was originally at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, it wasn't a breakthrough.

"Letitia Ning, do you believe you can intimidate me because you are back up at the Virtual Tribulation Realm? You know, you're still no match against me, right?" shouted Raven frostily.

'Oh yeah, Tia's full name is Letitia Ning, ' Zen reminded himself silently.

Letitia sneered, and chuckling in a low tone, she stated, "True, I haven't finished practicing the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, and my cultivation hasn't fully recovered, yet. You're not afraid of me, but..." Letitia dramatically paused before she continued, "Are you afraid of my master?"

At Letitia's words, the color drained from Lady Poison-blood's and Raven's faces.

Lady Poison-blood, Raven and Letitia were both leaders of grade four sects. However, the Black Mountain Sect and Bloodwood Cliff were ordinary grade four sects, while the Cloud Hall was an elite, top grade four sect!

There was a gap between the elite top sect and ordinary ones.

It wasn't Letitia but her master that made the Cloud Hall the elite, top grade four sect! However, her master had gone into seclusion and abdicated. She had little involvement in the Cloud Hall's day to day affairs and appointed Letitia, as the leader in her absence.

When Letitia finished practicing the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, she would be able to promote the Cloud Hall to a higher level. Then, the Cloud Hall would be the second grade five sect in the Central Region.

Lady Poison-blood and Raven might not be afraid of Letitia, but they didn't dare offend her master.

"Even if your master is here, you can't take Zen. He's part of a major event that involves the Dragon Soar Arena operations. He has no choice but to share the secrets with us!" said a new arrival as he led a group toward them. They were from the Ethereal Spirit Sect, and it was clear they had come on foot.

When Letitia saw them approaching, she furrowed her brow line.

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