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   Chapter 671 Any Other Volunteers (Part Two)

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When Mason finally hit the ground unconscious, Zen glanced at the rest of the practitioners in front of him. He could see the fear in their eyes and knew that no one would dare to attack him. But he continued to taunt them, "Any other volunteers? I'm just warming up!"

Bevis of the Mysterious Luna Hall was speechless. He froze and felt cold sweats coming out from his body.

He had just missed the fate that Mason had suffered. If it weren't for Fred who blocked his attack aimed at Zen, he might be the one knocked down by Zen. He wouldn't be able to dodge that attack. 'What on earth was that? What kind of fist attack technique did he use on Mason and how was it so powerful?'

Bevis was left confused.

Bevis was smart, but it was only natural that he couldn't completely comprehend the fight attack technique that Zen had used on Mason.

The Virtual Tribulation Realm masters like Saint Morphens even needed to destabilize the space before using the Mystical Pace, but he was still unable to comprehend the complete first level of Space Law. Neither the broken stone carving on the Cloud Road nor the one in the Cloud Hall was the complete Space Law! Hence, no practitioner was able to comprehend the complete first level of Space Law.

Zen, on the other hand, had completely comprehended the first level of Space Law when he was in the Upper World.

In the Upper World, the best cultivation resources were within Zen's reach. The cultivation resources in the Upper World were much better than those in the Central Region. It was also the reason why many high-ranking practitioners from the Central Region wanted to go to Dragon Soar Arena.

Afraid of what mi

said coldly.

Fred chose to stay neutral at the beginning because he didn't know that Zen was in the Dragon Soar Arena. But now that he and Zen had finally met, he wouldn't just standby anymore. Anyone who dared to challenge Zen was challenging the Cloud Hall.

Though fear in the practitioners had intensified, no one backed down.

"I guess you all chose to die! I'll make it quick!" Zen shouted. He didn't want to waste any more time in this place. He had a rough time to come back to the Central Region. Now that he was about to step out of the Dragon Soar Arena, he wouldn't let anyone stand in his way. But these practitioners were getting into his nerves and they left him no choice but to fight. When he raised his leg, space began to vibrate. Then like a ghost, Zen floated away.

Now, Zen was completely out of the Dragon Soar Arena. He was about to attack the practitioners who were blocking his way when he suddenly heard a voice. The voice said, "Don't be such a big mouth! Maybe the one to be killed is nobody, but you!"

The voice was sweet and gentle that it made Zen stop momentarily.

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