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   Chapter 670 Any Other Volunteers (Part One)

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The levels of cultivation had significant differences in terms of power and strength. The cultivators at the pinnacle of the Illuminating Soul Realm were far more powerful and stronger than the third grade of the same Realm.

Hence, the practitioners who had reached the pinnacle of the Illuminating Soul Realm had rushed to Zen in high confidence.

Since they had already reached such a cultivation level, they thought that catching a third-grade practitioner like Zen would be a piece of cake.

It was an easy way to make contributions, hence, everyone rushed to catch Zen.

When Fred faced Bevis of the Mysterious Luna Hall, others took it as an opportunity to chase down and attack Zen simultaneously.

Among those who were attacking Zen, Mason was swiftest and most vicious. He didn't care whether Zen would be injured or broken. If he could still breathe and talk, that would be fine. He vowed to catch and take Zen back no matter what it could cost him.

Mason took the initiative and started the attack. As the others saw this, they could do nothing but feel bad for Zen. They knew that once Mason put his heart into something, he would surely do anything to get it done. And now that he was determined to catch Zen, the latter could only wish to see another day. If Zen got hit by Mason's attack, he could lose his legs and might not be able to walk again…

However, something unexpected happened.

Before anyone could realize what was happening, Zen had already hit Mason with one blow. The blow was so powerful that Mason flew out. He hit on several houses and knocked them down before finally hitting the ground. He was badly injured that even if his wounds healed, it might take half a year to completely recover.

And with the time he needed t

ges to Mason.

'What happened to him in the past three months? How was he able to improve so much in a short time? It's amazing! He's really an interesting subject. It's either his competence has significantly improved or the practitioners at the pinnacle of the Illuminating Soul Realm have become weak. Either, Zen has proved his incredible strength once more!' Fred wondered. He could defeat Mason himself, but not with just one blow as Zen did.

Back in the day when Fred was still in the Elite House, he had already sensed something different in Zen. Fred had seen the great potential in Zen and believed that the latter was no ordinary disciple. He had foreseen that Zen would outperform him in the next three or five years.

Fred was right on everything about Zen. However, it didn't take Zen three or five years to do it. Just after three months, Zen was able to improve himself. And now, he had become what Fred had thought of him.

Fred had always believed in the spirit of martial arts. But just now, he started to doubt it. He felt frustrated to see Zen defeating Mason so easily, but there was nothing he could do but to bury his frustration in silence.

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