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   Chapter 669 Are You Courting Death

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"What's that?"

"Tell me. Is it possible that an immortal is coming down from the sky?"

"Yes, probably! The Dragon Soar Arena is conjoined to the Upper World. Who knows? We can most probably even see an immortal!"

The onlookers discussed among each other but failed to notice what was happening around them.

Even though they were oblivious, the warriors who stood guard for a while, knew what was going on.

The guards knew that somebody had returned from the Upper World. It was most probably the nature creature who had flown away from the Dragon Soar Arena a few months ago.

After moving the Dragon Soar Arena to the Oracle City, the main sects had all tested it. They even ordered the warriors to pass the six layers and commenced the transmission array with a dragon-shaped jade pendant. Regardless of their efforts, however, all of them failed to be transmitted in this particular way.

The moment the white light appeared, the warrior that was supposed to fly to the Upper World was thrown out of the Dragon Soar Arena.

The nature creature was allowed to be transmitted to the Upper World. However, after he'd made his way to the Upper World, no one else was permitted to follow him. It was no doubt that there had indeed been something unusual happening to the nature creature as no one was able to follow him.

To discover the reason, several runic experts had entered the top part of the Dragon Soar Arena. Their studies concluded that there was something wrong with the runes in the transmission array.

The runic experts in the Central Region, of course, were not allowed to know about the divine texture. Even though they comprised the idea that the reason why other warriors could not be successfully sent to the Upper World was due to the runes, they failed to figure out what the actual problem was. As they were unaware of the divine texture, there was nothing they could do about it.

For this given reason solely, the young master and the leader of the Xue Clan were both taken to the Oracle City for questioning.

Thinking about the nature creature the young master had encountered that day, he told them his looks, age, cultivation situation and any other possible feature he could think of.

There were, however, far too many nature creatures living in the Central Region. With the limited information about him, it seemed next to impossible to know who it was. So, the truth remained unknown to all of the warriors.

That was the reason why each sect had sent their warriors to watch over the Dragon Soar Arena. Their primary concern was to observe it and discover exactly how the Dragon Soar Arena could work by learning from the nature creature.

The warrior sent by the Cloud Hall was considered to be one of the strongest elite disciples of the Elite House, Fred Li, who had reached the consummation level of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Discovering and looking at the white light, Fred started to move. He proceeded by stepping on the ground with a pair of simple shoes and then rushed to the gate of the Dragon Soar Arena.

This nature creature turned out to be the key to the Dragon Soar Arena! A Dragon Soar Arena where warriors could not be transmitted to the Upper World was only one place for the warriors to cultivate themselves. So, it was the nature creature who made the arena still valuable.

The Dragon Soar Arena was an adequate cultiva

st. Fred, for instance, managed to stick to practicing the Long Fist for dozens of years. He even managed to achieve a level high enough to simplify it to its essential nature.


After a single punch, Fred managed to have Bevis from the Mysterious Luna Hall retreat!

"Fred Li, what is your goal here? Do you want to be killed?" Bevis shouted angrily. He started his action first. However, he then stepped back. How could he not be angry?

Although Fred managed to stop Bevis, he could not prevent others at the same time.

"Ha-ha, little guy, you'd better come with me." Mason Jiang from Bloodwood Cliff laughed. At the same time, his two hands stretched towards Zen like scissors.

'Oh, no! That's too bad.' Fred recalled to himself. His heart sank immediately. A warrior like Bevis was tough enough for him to fight against. However, how could he manage to prevent other warriors who had similar powers?

The life vitality in Mason's hands, was extremely sharp. He tried to attack Zen's face, while at the same time targeting Zen's legs. His attack to the upper body, was a mere gesture while the lower body was the actual intended attack. In fact, he was planning to strike his legs so hard, that it would break Zen's legs. His only thought was that it would be easier to take Zen away by breaking Zen's legs first.

Seeing Fred stop one of the warriors in his tracks, Zen wanted to say something, but never expected another warrior not to give him a chance to do so whatsoever.

This annoyed Zen greatly.

"Are you courting death?" Zen asked coldly.

Zen clenched his fist, his body drifting backwards like a ghost, which allowed himself to dodge Mason's attack easily.

Then Zen's fist stretched out as fast as lightning. Before Mason could even react, Zen punched him on the chest heavily.


Though at the consummation level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, Mason was thrown at quite a distance. Mason's body broke the handrail, which wasn't even close to them. He then hit several onlookers. Before he managed to stop, he additionally destroyed a few houses.

The warriors that wanted to seize Zen, still managed to keep their gestures. However, they were left stunned, standing still in their tracks like zombies.

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