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   Chapter 668 Time To Return

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Zen couldn't think of a better explanation for the disappearance of the huge Owl Beast's devil spirit. However, it was an undeniable fact that it disappeared when he was around.

Dennis was polite by asking this way. If it were not for Josh and the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace, he would have arrested the culprit already.

Seeing the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace offering Zen a drop of Genuine Dragon blood essence, Dennis understood that he couldn't harm Zen. Moreover, Zen was somehow involved with Josh and the mystery of the nine dragons. So, he was eager to stay out of this matter.

But it was troublesome to catch an Owl Beast's devil spirit. Zen had to compensate Dennis for his loss! Dennis knew that it would be useless to ask a cultivator, who was at the consummation of nature level for repayment. He said that intentionally to test the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace.

As he had expected, Zen stayed silent, and it was the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace who spoke first, "It is only an Owl Beast's devil spirit. We, Dragon Abyss Palace, can pay for it. But Dennis, do you really want me to catch an Owl Beast's devil spirit for you?"

It was no easy feat to catch an Owl Beast's devil spirit. It usually took a bit of luck to find one. Even if a cultivator found an Owl Beast's devil spirit, it would be extremely difficult to catch it.

Since the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace offered to compensate Dennis, he didn't plan on making things difficult. If he offended the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace, she might take Zen by force. And then he could do nothing about it.

So he decided to end the matter for the moment.

"Let's go!" Alan waved his hand and left with Zack. Since the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace had offered a drop of Genuine Dragon blood essence to Zen, Alan knew he had lost and that it was meaningless for him to stay. Even though the leader of the Dragon Blaze Hall had come in person and made the offer, he couldn't tempt Zen. Offering a Genuine Dragon blood essence to a boy at the consummation of nature level? It was a complete waste! The leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace must have been out of her mind.

Seeing that Alan had left, the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace smiled. She turned to Zen and said, "Although you have a solid foundation, your cultivation base is still very low. This is the city that leads to the Lower World. There are a lot of training methods that will help you to improve. I suggest that you refine the Genuine Dragon blood essence here. And after that, you can come to the Dragon Abyss Palace through the transmission platform."

It was a good suggestion. But Zen shook his head and said, "I'm afraid I won't be able to accept your offer this time. I came to the Upper World purely for cultivation. But I have unsettled issues in the Lower World. So, I can't go to the Dragon Abyss Palace at the moment."

Zen knew that he would benefit tremendously from joining the Dragon Abyss Palace.

In the world where Zen came from, cultivators who wanted to grasp the Law Power had to learn through the inscriptions on broken obelisks.

But in the Upper World, there were complete stone carvings, and various cultivation methods that were beyond Zen's imagination.

However, it was unrealistic for Zen to stay in the Genuine

e City. For this reason, the inns and taverns were all jam-packed. And the prices rose accordingly. The cost for an inn room for one night, which was usually several low-grade life vitality crystals had now soared to tens of low-grade life vitality crystals.

In an instant, cries of discontent rose all around. But the people could do nothing about it. If they wanted to have fun, they had to pay.

The Dragon Soar Arena was placed in the center of Oracle City, with fences and armed guards surrounding it. Meanwhile, Cloud Hall, Bloodwood Cliff, Black Mountain Sect, and Ethereal Spirit Sect all sent people to guard it.

In fact, the elders of the sects had gathered here a couple of days earlier. Aside from them, people from the World Commercial Alliance also took command here. No one dared to put their hands on the Dragon Soar Arena. If someone tried to take it, he would be courting death. The several big sects sent people to guard the Dragon Soar Arena to declare that they also had a share in it. It was a way to showcase their powers and intimidate others.

Today, the weather was good. After summer began, a rain cooled the hot weather that had lasted for days.

A large number of cultivators stood around the Dragon Soar Arena. They were watching it and discussing it. These cultivators were not qualified to participate in the contest, but they heard that the Dragon Soar Arena was the most valuable reward for the winner. It was enough to tempt people to come to look at it.

"It is said that anyone who enters the Dragon Soar Arena could fly into the Upper World! And he will become an immortal or a god. What a treasure! Everyone must covet it!"

"No wonder so many big sects are fighting for it. I will spare no efforts to get into the sect that wins the Dragon Soar Arena!"

"Huh! The sects competing in the contest are at the fourth grade or above. Forget about the Dragon Soar Arena. Do you think you have the ability to enter one of them now?"

As the several cultivators discussed the contest with interest, a bright light suddenly appeared in the sky. The light seemed to be like a meteor that was falling from the sky rapidly. It shot to the top of the Dragon Soar Arena.

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