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   Chapter 667 A Gift To Someone Who Is Worthy (Part Two)

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However, Dennis could not bring himself to ask these questions. Besides, he had got the message from the cyan dragon, so he wouldn't dare to interfere with Zen too much. Moreover, no matter what he thought about it, there was nothing he could do right now. Whatever it was in Dragon Abyss Palace head's mind, it was none of his business.

While Dennis had somehow figured it out that it was all because of the cyan dragon, Elder Wei, Alan and Zack still had difficulty in uncovering the truth.

They were still wondering why the head of Dragon Abyss Palace offered to give the Genuine Dragon Blood Essence to Zen.

But among the three, it was Elder Wei who felt particularly disgruntled.

He was one of the lucky ones to get a drop of the Genuine Dragon Blood Essence as a reward for his significant contribution to the Dragon Abyss Palace. However, it didn't come on a silver platter. He had almost lost his life to deserve that kind of reward.

But Zen had just arrived in the Dragon Abyss Palace and hadn't proved anything yet, but still got a drop of Genuine Dragon Blood Essence as a gift. What was so special about Zen that the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace had favored him that much?

But despite his envy, Elder Wei believed that it must be Zen's good luck that brought him that fortune.

"It's a special gift, so it is just fitting for me to give it to someone who is truly worthy," said the head of Dragon Abyss Palace. She then turned to Zen, beaming a smile and said, "Zen, do you agree?"

"Yes. What you said is truly right," Zen replied happily.

Afterward, he took the munificent gifts from her hand.


st ghost was released and overwhelmed Zen. His soul could still not stand the impact of the Owl Beast ghost even if he had improved it. In the sixth circle inside the black ball, the pressure upon Zen's soul was already thirty-two times stronger than that in the first circle. And when the Owl Beast ghost was freed from its chains, the pressure became stronger and harder to bear.

The combined pressure from the sixth circle and the Owl Beast ghost's influence had made Zen's soul almost split up. Luckily, the cyan dragon had activated the furnace on time and its colorful glow had repaired Zen's soul. With the help of that mysterious colorful glow from the furnace, Zen had managed to enter the level of Fighting Soul.

"You really don't know?" Dennis asked again. He didn't believe that Zen didn't know what happened. He could see through Zen's eyes that the latter wasn't telling the whole truth. "You better tell me what you know because the Owl Beast ghost is an important treasure of our city. There must be something you know about the disappearance of the Owl Beast ghost."

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