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   Chapter 666 A Gift To Someone Who Is Worthy (Part One)

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Every martial arts cultivator had undergone rigorous martial arts refinement that improved their physical fitness and endurance.

They were able to surpass human limitations even the standard human lifespan. Thus, they could live longer than any normal human.

An ordinary human could rarely live more than one hundred years. The martial arts cultivators, on the other hand, could live much more than one hundred years. And the martial arts cultivators at the same level as the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace had an average lifespan of ten thousand years.

The head of the Dragon Abyss Palace looked like a sixteen-year-old girl, but her actual age was already beyond a human's imagination.

The actual age of the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace might be unknown or had been lost in counting. But it could be traced back as to when she was actually sixteen years old. At that time, Zen's ancestors had not yet been born in this world. Even the empires that existed before the Burning Sky Empire had not yet existed.

But Zen was so naive about this fact that he even thought the head of the Dragon Abyss was sixteen years old.

It sounded offensive, but she didn't mind it at all. On the contrary, she was flattered. Despite her age, she was still a woman who required that kind of attention and flattery from time to time. But since she became the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace, no one dared to speak to her so casually that she rarely heard such kind of flattery.

Women always wanted to look young despite their age. They required that kind of validation, especially from men. And the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace was no exception. After all, she was still a woman.

The craze of women wanting to look young even after they aged had created a need for anti-aging pills. But these anti-aging pills were quite expensive in the Upper World. The head of Dragon Abyss Palace had spent a lot on anti-aging pills to remain yo

ccept it.

Zen must be flattered by the gift that the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace was offering. Alan, Dennis, Elder Wei, and Zack were all taken aback by her generosity towards Zen. They didn't think that she could be that generous to anyone.

Dennis who envied Zen right now had to ask, "Do you really intend to give it to him as a gift? The Genuine Dragon Blood Essence would be too much of a gift to that boy?"

The head of Dragon Abyss Palace, however, raised her eyebrows at Dennis and said, "Of course I do. Did you hear me stutter? Have I ever changed my mind?"

Dennis waved his hand. He didn't mean to offend her by asking. He said, "No, I didn't mean to question your generosity. I just feel that Genuine Dragon Blood Essence is rare. It's the most valuable thing to just be gifted to anyone."

Dennis could not shrug off that feeling. The Genuine Dragon Blood Essence was one of the Dragon Abyss Palace's most important treasures. It seemed too good to be true that the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace would just give it to someone from the Lower World like Zen who was not even qualified to be in their presence. Dennis sensed that it might have something to do with the dragon named Josh. Or perhaps the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace had found something else.

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