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   Chapter 665 I Don't Like You (Part Two)

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"Hold on just a second, why does it seem as though there's some sort of unusual attribute contained inside his Fighting Soul?" With his glare fixated on Zen, Dennis sensed that there was something out of the ordinary being exuded by Zen's body.

Elder Wei realized in an instant what Zen had been through and let out a smile, "If I'm guessing correctly, our leader decided to hand over to him a Ganoderma Soul Pill produced by the Dragon Abyss Palace."

Alan forced a dull smile and remarked, "Your Dragon Abyss Palace was quite the generous one. A Ganoderma Soul Pill is much too costly even if its power is rather below mediocre." After saying that, he went down to the ground and whispered to Zen under his breath, "Zen, be one of us with the Dragon Blaze Hall, and I can promise you that you will have a bright future ahead of you. Banding together with us, the finest within the realm, I assure you, would be the best decision you're ever going to make in your lifetime!"

Knitting his eyebrows, Zen shot Alan a glance. Indeed, he could feel the power of everyone there, but Alan's way with words made Zen feel nauseous and totally repulsed, prompting him to ask the person standing close to him, "Who might you be? For what reason should I become a member of the Dragon Blaze Hall?"

"Aha, who I am is but a trivial matter, what you need to understand is that there are billions of aspiring warriors whose dream is to become part of the Dragon Blaze Hall. Sad to say, the ones who are actually qualified are few and far between! If you were to join our Dragon Blaze Hall, you are going to be destined for greatness, and I'll even throw in an extra 50 drops of Genuine Dragon blood on behalf of our Dragon Blaze Hall!" Alan's eyes were already blazing with triumph as he was quite certain that his offer to Zen would be hard to refuse. For a war

oint. Since he isn't fond of you, what other reason would he have for joining the Dragon Blaze Hall?" the girl wearing the palace clothes giggled at the scene in front of her.

The girl's remarks helped Alan get to thinking.

Alan was actually just a vice leader, and amongst the Dragon Lineage Human, he was significantly much inferior to the girl who was the leader of Dragon Abyss Palace both in position and in power. So, of course, he couldn't just kill Zen right in front of the girl!

"I don't know how to thank you enough, Madam. Thanks for lending a helping hand when I was attempting to reach the Fighting Soul level!" Zen leaned over to pay his respects.

"Ha-ha." Hearing Zen's words of gratitude, the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace merrily roared with laughter.

"Madam, you look rather young, akin to a girl of sweet sixteen! Is referring to you as Madam a bit too much?" Zen clarified, unable to hold back his laughter.

Hearing Zen's way of speaking toward their head, elder Wei couldn't help cursing him deeply in his heart, 'This Zen... such insolence talking about our leader's age casually. Do you have some kind of death wish? Just how badly do you want to get sent straight to the hell?'

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