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   Chapter 664 I Don't Like You (Part One)

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The head of the Dragon Abyss Palace had flown straight into the black ball and was devoured in the blink of an eye.

The Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock right above the black ball was uncontrollably surging with immense destructive power. However, she was still kept safe and sound somehow.

The second she soared into the black ball, the only reaction she had was, "Huh?" with her gorgeous eyes wide open...

She had more than enough strength to hold back the strongest Owl Beast, so defeating such a weak one would be a walk in the park.

The thing that managed to surprise her was not the Owl Beast itself, but Zen's soul just lying in the distance.

The Owl Beast just vanished without a trace! The only thing she could make out was Zen's soul resting in the middle of the darkness.

Just what could have possibly happened here? How the heck did all of this happen? And where in the world did the Owl Beast go? Baffled and left utterly dumbfounded, the head of Dragon Abyss Palace had a hard time wrapping her mind around what on earth had just transpired.

"Bang... Bang..."

On the other hand, the other portions of the Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock simply persisted on overflowing with an endless supply of thundering light. Zen's soul was repeatedly getting bent out of shape with diverse colors, which looked much like the oil on the water drifting away into vibrant ripples.

"Wow! This is unbelievable! His soul could end up bursting forth into the level of the Fighting Soul!" Upon noticing that, she was beginning to get serious, with her curiosity quite piqued. Elder Wei had briefed her that Zen had undergone a baptism by laws, so she immediately flew straight toward the black ball solely for the purpose of helping Zen. Little did she know that Zen could probably attempt reaching the level of Fighting Soul! 'Isn't he someone on the nature level? Just what exactly did he do to be capable of reac

gain that falling leaves and flowers could become deadly through the skills of a powerful warrior.

But when all were said and done, it could be beyond a mere mortal's capability to reach the Fighting Soul level.

Only a select few amongst all of the warriors on the Internal Elixir level could hope to train and reach the Fighting Soul level for the sake of increasing the strength of their soul! A majority of the warriors in the Virtual Tribulation Realm couldn't ever reach the Fighting Soul level in their lifetime!

Zen, a warrior whose prior achievement was reaching the nature level, had attained the Fighting Soul level. What an astonishing feat!

The warriors who had experienced training side-by-side with Zen were not as surprised as opposed to everyone else, the reason being that they had witnessed first-hand Zen's progress and rapid improvement and they also watched as Zen stepped into the inner circle from the outer circle in order to move closer to the Owl Beast.

Dennis, Wei, Alan, and a few other people weren't able to see what occurred in the black ball, and all they knew was that a guy who was at the nature level shouldn't have been capable of reaching the Fighting Soul level at all. It was an utterly inconceivable idea in their eyes.

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