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   Chapter 663 The Head Of The Dragon Abyss Palace

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Alan Nian, the vice leader of the Dragon Blaze Hall, was a person of great power. His rank was next to the head and his competence was beyond everyone's imagination.

An organization as powerful as Dragon Blaze Hall had arranged for a vice head to greet Zen, so it was obvious that it took Zen seriously.

Zack too was very excited. If he could get Zen to join Dragon Blaze Hall, it would be a great achievement for him.

"So, where is this young man who withstood the baptism by laws?" Alan asked Zack as he greeted him. He was very curious regarding this boy everyone was talking about.

"Sir, he is being trained for the elite and refining his soul," Zack answered with an uncalled urgency.

"Then take me there," Alan said in a commanding tone. He looked quite composed but his eyes gleamed with flames.

They started walking toward the training ground. Standing at the edge of it, Alan asked, "Which one is...what's his name...Zen?"

Zack pointed his finger toward a slim and handsome young man. Alan measured him up with his sharp eyes and just like Zack had informed him, he didn't find anything special about Zen. He was just a juvenile at the young bone age and had just reached the consummation of the nature level. Alan was a little doubtful of his abilities.

"Did he really activate the obelisk and go through a baptism by laws?"

Alan asked.

"Yes, sir. I wouldn't dare joke about such a thing!"

"Hmm.. I'll talk to him after he finishes his practice," Alan said, nodding his head with a gentle smile on his face. Countless practitioners put immense effort to join Dragon Blaze Hall each year, given its immaculate reputation. It would be a piece of cake for Alan to compel this young man from the Lower World to join them.

As he finished speaking, a black ball floating not very far away from him started to vibrate.

A loud clash of several brittle sounds filled the air. The sounds reverberated in the atmosphere for some time, before the Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock on the surface of the black ball finally cracked.

"What is going on?" Alan asked as the flames flashed in his dilated pupils. "Isn't the Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock used to imprison the Owl Beast evil spirit? How could it crack like that?"

Zack was too shocked to answer. He simply kept staring at the upheaval that was taking place in horror.

The cracking continued as the practitioners who were practicing in the black ball drew their souls back.

"Hurry up! Run!"

Having drawn their souls, they ran straight out of the training ground.

Seeing how scared they were, Zack rushed to the ground and stopped one of the practitioners. "What's going on?" he asked. "What happened to the ball?"

"I... I don't know. That guy just rushed over to the Owl Beast evil spirit! And then the Thunder Lock broke, letting out the Owl Beast evil spirit!" the boy said, stammering with fear. The boy didn't know Zen's name, but he was aware of him due to the fame he had gotten from breaking through th

message, he was utterly surprised and couldn't contain his excitement. This meant he could finally get in touch with a bigwig like Josh! What a great stroke of luck! But when he read the dragon's words on the margin, he had been a bit disappointed.

Josh had written to Dennis that he had met Zen by chance in his travels. Although Zen wasn't a member of their family, if he flew up through the Dragon Soar Arena, Dennis could take him as a member of the Dragon Lineage Human race along. Josh had also warned Dennis not to reveal this news to anyone, or his life would be in danger.

Dennis wondered how the nine dragons had disappeared so mysteriously. There had to be a shocking conspiracy behind it!

The warning had scared Dennis. He knew if he got involved in this fight, he could die without even knowing the cause of it.

Dennis hadn't told anyone about the issue until now and hadn't even asked the name of that stowaway.

He wasn't really a coward. One would expect someone in the position of the city lord to be courageous and able. But even the masters of the Dragon Lineage Human race wouldn't like to be involved in this sort of a fight, let alone a city lord like him.

He was surprised the person who had caused the trouble of the day was no one else but the stowaway he had pardoned.

"Wei, is Zen the Lower World practitioner who experienced the baptism by laws?"

A woman wearing a red palace dress appeared from behind Wei and asked him. Her face radiated with beauty and charm. The most impressive thing about her was the blood-red mole in the middle of her brows, which almost made her look coquettish.

Flames flashed in Alan's eyes as they landed upon her beautiful face. Smiling lightly, he bowed and said. "Madame, I didn't expect to see you here!"

This woman was no one but the head of the Dragon Abyss Palace.

The woman didn't answer Alan and descended toward the black ball. The Dragon Abyss Palace and the Dragon Blaze Hall didn't get along too well.

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