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   Chapter 662 A Second Genuine Dragon (Part Two)

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It took him three whole days to cross the fourth circle and finally enter the fifth circle. He needed to enter the sixth circle for the cyan dragon to put his plan in action.

Zen also understood clearly that even for the cyan dragon, it was a difficult task to swallow the Owl Beast's evil spirit, since the dragon, too, was currently weak, even though he talked as if this was a piece of cake. Still, the result they would get post fighting the evil spirit surpassed the efforts they needed to put in.

While Zen cultivated himself day and night, Zack Zhao decided to send out a message to someone. He went to the transmission platform in the huge city and put a jade pendant into it, which carried his message.

The Genuine Dragon World was a world different from the one where Zen had stayed. Its magnanimity was beyond everyone's imagination!

Even the Dragon Lineage Human area was only one out of its ten thousand parts. The message jade pendant needed to fly about 300 billion trillion miles before arriving at the Dragon Blaze Hall which was where Zack came from. Sending this message cost him a lot. If it wasn't for Zen, he would never have done it.

Recently, Zack had been going through numerous books to understand the things around him more deeply. He found that the last time the baptism by laws had occurred was eight thousand and four hundred years ago to a person with the family name of Meng, who was now the head of the Green Dragon Palace.

And now, it had occurred to no one else but this young boy from the Lower World.

It did not mean Zen could become the head of some dragon palace after the baptism. A warrior only grew into someone with power under the influence of factors like luck, cultivation, epiphan

wered in all earnestness, "Yes, I am. Be cautious when you enter. When I break the Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock, it will lead to a higher soul pressure."

Zen was merely a soul without a body now so he could take a deep breath to relax himself. He stood with back arched down, squinting his eyes and carefully looking at the humongous Owl Beast evil spirit. He counted to three in his mind and rushed into the sixth circle.

The other warriors were merely onlookers now, thinking Zen was determined to break through the Fighting Soul Level. They had no way of knowing he had just charged at the Owl Beast evil spirit itself!

Precisely at that moment, the huge transmission array located at the center of the city lit up. A man in a fur coat appeared out of it, with a flame burning in his pupils. Stepping out of the array, he looked all around him with a calm expression. He was no one but the second leader of the Dragon Blaze Hall!

Zack got alerted immediately. He had been anxiously waiting for him. Presently, he walked over to him and greeted him excitedly. "Mr. Nian! How nice to see you here! I have been waiting for you here for too long!"

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