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   Chapter 661 A Second Genuine Dragon (Part One)

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The cyan dragon laughed and said, "The Owl Beast devil spirit has been tied by the Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock and has become extremely weak. It is almost as weak as me. What you need to do is merely break the Soul-nurturing Thunder Lock. I will deal with the rest."

Zen listened carefully but doubt made his expression turn bitter soon. "How can you do that for me? If you swallow the Owl Beast devil spirit, how will I explain its disappearance to the others?"

This Owl Beast devil spirit had the Jasper Fighting Soul and wasn't easy to capture. If Zen swallowed it in front of so many warriors, he would have no way to explain it.

"Don't care about them. You can pretend to be insane... You can do whatever you want as long as you help me swallow the spirit. Needless to say, it will be of great benefit to you as well," the dragon said convincingly with a playful chuckle.

Zen's heart tightened at the dragon's words. With the vast knowledge the dragon had, he spoke of the spirit so highly. Zen had no reason to think otherwise. This spirit seemed to be extremely skilled and powerful.

"How can it be any good to me? Please tell me that first!"

Zen asked back hurriedly, starting to give away his fear.

"I plan to use a part of the Owl Beast devil spirit to nurture myself, and some other part to wake my seventh elder brother. The rest of it can be used to build a soul seed for you," the cyan dragon replied with confidence. It seemed like he had all things planned in his head.

"To wake your seventh elder brother?" Zen repeated the cyan dragon's words in confusion. First of all, he was surprised to hear that the cyan dragon had a brother, let alone a seventh one!

Zen tried to recall the time when he first came to know the cyan dragon. In Zen's soul sea, there were a total of nine genuine dragons. At the very beginning, al

mself in his mind.

He had no practice in the fighting skill of the soul, but the Spiritual Thorn was a good weapon to kill the small ghosts. There were a lot of these small ones but none of them was as powerful as Zen thought they were.

Zen killed one Owl Beast ghost after the other, and returned to the area lit with the little oil lamp. He repeated this process several times and each cycle only made his soul stronger.

Many warriors gazed at Zen in the inner circle with jealousy which soon turned to depression. Compared with Zen, the speed at which they were cultivating was so low that they didn't know how long they would take before getting into the inner circle. They were eager to step into the Fighting Soul Level.

They watched as Zen kept moving, fighting his way through one circle to the other. Before long, he stepped into the fourth circle. The warriors around had no choice but to accept that Zen was far more talented than them. Some of them could not even be compared with him.

After entering the fourth circle, his soul grew slower. Still, he fought for two whole days before returning from the black ball. After a whole day's rest, he went back to the black ball and continued his cultivation.

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