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   Chapter 656 Tormenting The Soul

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Elder Wei just told Zen about the Fighting Soul Realm. But it was the first time that Zen had heard it because it was not familiar in the Eastern Region.

Nevertheless, it was what Elder Wei had expected because no one in the Eastern Region had owned one. The strongest cultivator in the Easter Region was at the same level as Kenneth. Even Kenneth, who was the leader of Cloud Sect, did not own a Fighting Soul, let alone a more powerful Jasper Fighting Soul.

It was no surprise for Elder Wei that Zen didn't know much about the Fighting Soul also because he was only at the consummation of nature level. Had he been at the Internal Elixir Realm, he might have known about Fighting Soul.

If it was any other disciples, Elder Wei would have sneered at that person's ignorance. But it wasn't any ordinary disciple. It was Zen. Elder Wei had acknowledged and respected Zen because of his excellent performance and talent. Elder Wei took the time in explaining it in detail.

The souls of an ordinary human and some other species were naturally fragile, except for those whose soul was innately strong.

When a fragile soul was damaged or injured, it would make the person weak for several days. A more serious injury would put a person into mental retardation. Once one's soul was broken into pieces, his physical body would instantly turn into dust.

If one could cultivate his soul to reach a certain level of strength, not only could he use his soul directly in the battle, but he could even launch a soul battle.

However, training a soul was not as easy as training the physical body. But the result of the hard training would worth it. One could reach the Fighting Soul level.

"That's interesting. But how can I get into the Fighting Soul level?" Zen was intrigued with what Elder Wei had just told him. He had only dreamt of reaching the Internal Elixir Realm. But now that he had known about the Fighting Soul level, he had shifted his focus on this far better cultivation level.

Elder Wei felt an indescribable joy of superiority over Zen. Not only that he had interested him in the Fighting Soul topic, but now Zen would also need him as his mentor. Smiling, he said, "To be frank, you certainly don't have an opportunity to own a Fighting Soul let alone a Jasper Fighting Soul in the Lower World. People from the Lower World have naturally weak souls. Your soul can be compared with that of many cultivators at the Illuminating Soul Realm. However, you still need more practice to get to the Fighting Soul level."

Zen had always believed that his soul strength was already at the best level given that it was refined through the mysterious furnace in his mind. However, after hearing the assessment of Elder Wei, he realized that his soul was not yet strong enough.

But instead of being annoyed and depressed, he became more motivated to improve his soul strength.

"Elder Wei, please tell me what to do," Zen asked respectfully.

Elder Wei smiled at the respect that Zen had shown him.

in. However, most people could not stand the soul pressure for more than six seconds. After that, they would immediately return to the protection area to regenerate their souls.

Zen, on the other hand, stood firmly in his place outside the protected area. He challenged himself to endure the pressure a little longer. Soon, his teeth started to grind.

"Just a little longer…" Zen told himself.

Three seconds...

Six seconds...

Thirty seconds...

After half a minute, Zen's soul started to tear apart like a cotton-padded jacket being shred into pieces.


When Zen felt that he was about to lose consciousness, he moved back to the side of the small oil lamp. Once back into the protected area, he felt his soul began to regenerate.

"Hey, newcomer! Do you really need to push that hard?" a cultivator who sat beside the little oil lamp said with a smile on his face.

These cultivators had been in the black ball longer than Zen. They had already experienced the brutality by the soul pressure and were very clear of their limit. They couldn't hold the pressure for more than fifteen seconds. So, when they saw Zen tried to hold it for thirty seconds, they were stunned and felt jealous at the same time. The newcomer had easily outperformed them!

Zen just smiled back at the cultivator and said nothing. He concentrated on regenerating his soul. Now, after his soul had been completely regenerated, he left the protected area once more.

He did that repeatedly. After a few times of enduring the soul torment of the Owl Beast ghost, Zen could now endure the pain longer.

At his first try, he could only hold for 30 seconds. As he repeatedly went in, his endurance had lengthened to 36, 60 until he could endure for 120 seconds.

Soon after, Zen could endure the pain for at least 5 minutes. It was the longest time that a cultivator had endured the soul torment of the Owl Beast ghost.

The other cultivators saw his improvement and were amazed by his speed.

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