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   Chapter 655 The Martial Arts Contest

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Both the Dragon Abyss Palace and Dragon Blaze Hall were institutions run by the Dragon Lineage Humans, which were beyond Zen's reach.

Even if he had to join the Dragon Abyss Palace, it was no loss for him, but benefits.

Now, he only cared to improve his strength. Since he had developed an affinity for other laws, Zen wanted to study the other obelisks and acquire their knowledge.

After walking around the forest of obelisks a few times, Zen chose the obelisk that recorded Fire Law. Without hesitation, he sat under the obelisk and started his meditation.

At the same time, in the Central Region, the competition for the Dragon Soar Arena reached a critical phase.

Each sect was arguing that the Dragon Soar Arena rightfully belonged to them, and each sect was trying to depreciate the other sects. They were quoting everything they could to prove that they were the rightful owner of the arena.

More and more forces joined the debate, including the independent cultivators. These cultivators were not members of any sect. They were master cultivators who developed on their own. However, they had proteges and off-springs to look after, and some wanted to start their sects, which was why they were also fighting for the arena.

The argument continued between the people coveting the arena. During the heated debate, the sects and independent cultivators learned that the only way to obtain the arena was to show military force. And only the strongest would win.

Although everyone coveted the arena, they had no idea what they were fighting for. They believed that the arena was a passage to higher places. However, it was a road of no return. The only thing the arena could bring them was death. When human cultivators entered, they would be imprisoned by the dragon for a thousand years. Without any escape, the powerful cultivators could only age, decay, and die.

Moreover, when Zen was transported to the higher place, the cyan dragon had tampered with the divine texture etched on the arena. After that, even if someone passed through the sixth floor of the arena, the circular pattern would only push them out, not transport them up again.

If the cultivators had known that, they'd feel stupid about clamoring to claim the arena. It was irrational for all these sects to start wars among themselves for a blocked passage that would only bring death.

However, just before the situation became out of control, the dispute was settled by the World Commercial Alliance when it stood out and mediated among various forces.

Although the World Commercial Alliance was not a sect, it had great power and influence in the Central Region. More significantly, it had good relations with all major sects and a neutral stance. The alliance was the only force that could settle disputes and establish peace.

And the proposal they tabled was simple. They suggested transporting the arena to Oracle City, which was the l

Zen's learning speed shocked everyone.

After another three days, he moved toward a new area, led by Elder Wei.

"The obelisks are the first assessment for the people who have entered. It is important for cultivators to understand the laws of the universe! This understanding is more crucial than the energy store or martial arts skills. Only the cultivators who have passed will move to the next training session. The next session will teach you how to improve your soul power," explained Elder Wei with patience. He smiled kindly at Zen.

"Soul power..." Zen murmured thoughtfully and nodded.

He hadn't received any systematic soul strength training yet. There was no such thing in the Eastern Region. Till now, Zen had forged his soul in the mysterious furnace and learned the skill of Spiritual Thorn to improve his use of soul power. Also, the Dark Devil Phantom essence he assimilated had helped boost his soul strength. But still, there had been no systematic training.

Therefore, it was necessary for him to participate in a targeted training. Although his soul power was stronger than most of his peers, Zen needed to learn the skills to improve it and use it.

When they finally arrived at their destination, Zen saw a strange black ball floating in the sky. The black ball was unlike anything Zen had ever seen. It was about two hundred feet in diameter. On its surface, strings of purple lightning swirled continually. As Zen studied it, he seemed to see a dark object wriggling inside.

"What is that?" questioned Zen as he felt a heavy spiritual pressure being released from the ball.

Elder Wei answered softly, "It is a prison that contains a dead Owl Beast. Its soul is searching for a way to escape. In the years that it has been trapped in the black ball, it has turned into an evil spirit. And not an ordinary one, but a Fighting Soul, a Jasper Fighting Soul."

"Fighting Soul? Jasper Fighting Soul?" Zen was puzzled.

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