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   Chapter 654 Scramble

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These obelisks could be dated back to ancient times. The words on them were engraved by master cultivators from the Genuine Dragons, as they had a better understanding of laws than mortals.

Cultivators from the Lower World could not compete with them in terms of comprehension of laws. Thus, these obelisks were placed here to help Dragon Lineage Humans from the Lower World to improve their understanding of laws.

Among the varieties of laws, the fundamentals included Fire Law, Wind Law, Time Law, Space Law, and so forth. Laws evolved from these fundamentals were numerous, for example, the Artistic Mountain Conception was an evolution of the Earth Law, and the Heavenly Law was a satori from both the nature and Metal Law by weapon refiners.

Cultivators had varying affinities with different laws. Zen had chosen an obelisk that recorded information about the Space Law to cultivate. Elder Wei believed that Zen had enough affinity with the Space Law, which would aid in his understanding and cultivation.

Watching the events unfold in front of him, Elder Wei found that he had been wrong. His theory was far from the truth.

Everyone turned their eyes to the top of Zen's obelisk, including the cultivators who were still attached to other obelisks. No one could stop staring.

Such a strange thing had never happened before, at least in their lifetime. Everyone was confused, even Elder Wei. After thinking for a while, he finally realized that it was the legendary baptism by laws. As for other people present, they had never heard about the baptism by laws, and hence, they could not figure out what was happening!

All they could see was that the obelisk was constantly shaking, and the Law Power continuously converging toward Zen. Every cultivator envied him.

What was worse, as the obelisks were shaking so wildly, some cultivators' souls could not stay attached to their obelisks. Most of them had struggled to reach a safe place on the obelisks. Some cultivators were not so lucky. As the shaking continued, more and more cultivators' souls were knocked down. This was definitely a horrible accident.

Since baptism by laws was not a mystery for the elders, Zack Zhao also figured out what was happening. "Baptism by has not happened for so many years."

Baptism by laws would not improve the strength of a cultivator. As a result, even though Zen was experiencing it, his strength and cultivation would not be boosted. Baptism by laws was simply a way to increase a cultivator's affinities with laws.

Cultivators were born with affinities for certain laws to some extent. Some had close affinities with the Thunder Law, while others had special affinities with the Wind Law. And Zen, a typical example, showed his close affinity with Space Law by achieving a little power of Space Law through space transmission.

What was more, after going through the baptism by laws, his affinities would be increased for all laws. That was to say, if Zen were to cultivate t

agon's blood are not worth speaking of." Not to be outdone, Elder Wei fought back.

Zen was speechless.

Zen hadn't intended to join any party when he flew to the Genuine Dragon World from the Dragon Soar Arena. However, the rules seemed not to work like that. Zen had to choose one party, and it was hard for him to resist the temptation being offered to him. Zen had previously thought of completing the trials here and then returning to the Central Region as there were still many issues that needed to be worked out, especially saving Yan, who was the most important person in his life.

He had not expected things to go in a different direction. Before him stood two Elders, scrabbling to secure him for their group.

'Ten drops of Genuine Dragon's blood...' Only one drop was enough for Zen to feel a dramatic change in his blood and veins. If he consumed ten drops of blood, the change would be fiercer than Zen could imagine.

Finally, Zen nodded to Elder Wei, "Sir, my name is Zen Luo. As I was in a hurry, I couldn't tell you my name in time. It's my fault. Please forgive me."

After hearing his reply, the warm smile returned to Elder Wei's face. "Of course I forgive you, my friend. Zen is a good name! Now that you have succeeded in the challenge of your obelisk, and are lucky to have ranked as an elite, you are qualified to take the next trial. Since you have just received the baptism by laws, you can also choose to cultivate laws on other obelisks. The choice is yours..."

"I would like to cultivate other laws first," Zen said promptly. He had now realized that the phenomenon he had endured was called baptism by laws.

As he was going through the baptism by laws, Zen felt a strong desire to cultivate the other obelisks. But he couldn't do that before because of the restrictions. Now, there was no reason for him to miss the chance.

Zen and Elder Wei ignored Zack and continued to have a pleasant conversation. Zack's face darkened as he was in a bad mood.

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