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   Chapter 653 Baptism By Laws

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Christopher's original plan was to stop and try to understand the law in the obelisk before climbing up, but the space repulsion was becoming stronger and stronger. If he continued to climb in this way, he would be pulled down by the repulsion in no time.

But then he saw Zen climbing. Christopher had always been proud of the talent he was born with and considered himself superior in that regard.

Seeing Zen climbing while he was stuck in this dilemma made his blood boil. He could not let this happen!

The very thought of defeat was unacceptable to him, especially against Zen.

He was only short of eighty or ninety feet from the top of the obelisk. Both of them climbed with fast pace.

The only difference was that Christopher was desperate and anxious while Zen was relaxed and composed. After understanding the Space Law in the first half of the obelisk, he had figured how to suppress the pull of the space repulsion, which then became much softer than before. As a result, he was able to climb much quicker and without any opposing forces affecting him.

On the other hand, Christopher's situation was bad. Before they began the climb, he was under the impression that his understanding of the Space Law was much better than Zen's. At the near end of the obelisk, he had almost reached the limit of resistance. He couldn't stop to comprehend the Space Law under such a critical situation.

He had no strength to go on but he didn't stop. Defeat was not an option!

He gritted his teeth to summon up the courage and power to resist the space repulsion and hurled himself higher. But the higher he climbed, the stronger the repulsion became. Each movement was harder than the one before.

While their souls climbed the obelisk, their bodies sat still on the ground. Christopher's body had turned red and was constantly shaking, while Zen's body sat in peace, just like his soul. He behaved calmly and his breath was steady.

At last, the climb came to a halt. The two seemed to have reached the final part at the same time, which was only thirty feet below the top.

Both of them couldn't go ahead from this point. There was an invisible barrier blocking their path. It was the space barrier.

"Seems like we have to stop," Zen said, blinking aggressively. He still needed some time to comprehend the Space Law to break through the barrier before them. But that wasn't a big problem as he already had some knowledge of it. Even at this height, the space repulsion didn't exert a lot of impact on him.

Next to him, Christopher stood passively. His situation wasn't so good. He had been relying on the solid force of his soul to keep going further with a lot of difficulty, hoping to reach the top without any stops. In the face of this sudden barrier, he was caught off guard. His senseless rush had to be brought to a stop.

The flimsy space barrier lay like a natural pit across him. With the strength that remained, it was impossible for him to force his way through.

He couldn't meditate the Space Law under the strong space repulsion.

He saw Zen adapting to the new surroundings effortlessly. Right then, Zen cast a glance at Christopher, shaking head slightly, and then continued to ponder over the Space Law, with a faint smile on his face.

The smile made Christopher lose his mind!

Under the obelisk, Elder Wei stood with a happy smile on

ry of the Space Law reflected in his mind, like two rivers meeting in an estuary, like a jigsaw puzzle coming to fruition. As these pieces were combined to make a full picture, the key point of the Space Law suddenly hit him. He squinted his eyes at the space barrier again, this time with a confident smile on his face.

'Space barrier! I can break it!'

He reminded himself. With this new-found confidence, he stopped clinging to the obelisk and let his hands go. His body lifted up in the air and he started to pass through the barrier with a sudden rush.

This space barrier could not have been broken by any physical force or through the soul.

Zen's intention was never to break the barrier, but to pass through it. And that was what he was doing now... His soul was like a fish swimming in the water effortlessly. He floated through the barrier with grace and finally reached the top.

Looking at Zen at the summit, Elder Wei smiled with immense glee and said with a tone of surprise, "In less than six hours of time, he has transformed from being completely unaware of the Space Law to having full understanding of the first level of it! I think the word 'elite' is not enough to describe his talent!"

He looked all around him and burst into a happy laughter.

'Less than six hours?' Zack thought with shock. His heart was frightened to hear that. The obelisk was engraved with the existing Space Law to save refiners from exploring it bit by bit everywhere, but it didn't mean that the time could be shortened to as short as only six hours. At least, Zack had never heard of such a miracle. 'In that case, this young man really is genius! A genius of geniuses! From which Lower Word did this man come from?' he wondered.

The two elders, Zack and Wei didn't get much time to think or discuss anything, because all the law obelisks around them suddenly started to tremble, producing a great sound and ultimately, a chaos among the viewers.

The obelisks shook as if there was an earthquake, but that was impossible!

Confused, Elder Wei looked up. He saw flashes of Law Power shooting at Zen, all converged together.

"What is this? Is this the baptism by laws?" His eyes glistened with wonder, enchantment and total surprise.

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