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   Chapter 652 The Provocation From A Monkey

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An incredible expression also appeared on the face of the old man who had brought Zen here.

His duty was to identify those talented people from the Lower World, who were good at learning the Law Power.

After all, it was almost impossible for the disciples from the Lower World to have such a high level of Law Power, the contents of which were recorded on these obelisks. For example, level-one Fire Law was recorded on the obelisk of Fire Law and level-one Space Law was written on the obelisk where Zen was.

'This guy has finished a third of the journey in such a short time, which indicates that he has grasped a small part of level one of Space Law.

How can he climb so fast?' The old man thought, surprised.

It was a rare opportunity to acquire the knowledge on the obelisk. So some martial arts cultivators had stayed here for a long time. The men from Dragon Lineage Human had been here for half a year, a year, or even longer.

It was relatively easier to learn Law Power directly from the obelisk. However, the old man had never seen a man climb so quickly on the obelisk of Space Law.

'The only possible explanation is that the boy has studied Space Law before and has some achievements, which allow him to climb so fast. Once he stops, he may not be able to climb up any further.' The old man rationalized as he tried to think of a convincing reason.

It seemed that this was the only explanation for Zen's speed.

What the old man wasn't aware of was that Zen had merely learned a small part of Space Law by chance.

The space repulsion grew more intense when Zen climbed about a hundred feet. At this stage, he felt a sharp pain.

'The space repulsion is getting stronger and stronger. I need to stop now!'

Thinking of this, Zen stopped climbing and continued to learn the Law Power on the obelisk. By this time, he was ahead of most cultivators on the obelisks. Only a few people were ahead of him now.

The old man kept staring at Zen as he wanted to prove his suspicion to be right.

At this moment, a middle-aged man accompanied by several young martial artists approached the old man.

That man said to the old man with a strange expression, "Elder Wei, how many elite disciples did you select this time?"

Elder Wei answered coldly with a frown, "None. Have you selected suitable candidates?"

The middle-aged person beckoned to several young people behind hi

e was a valuable chip in the competition between two elders.

Christopher continued to climb. He didn't stop until he consolidated his lead in this competition. Then he said to Zen, "Haha, boy, you are as slow as a tortoise!"

'Where is this idiot from?' Zen thought with a frown. However, he chose to pay no attention to Christopher's taunt and kept on studying the Law Power.

To his surprise, Christopher climbed down unexpectedly and spoke again, "I am talking to you. Do you hear me?"

As an influential figure in the Lower World, Christopher grew up with the feeling that he ought to be respected. He was outraged when Zen ignored him.

"Could you please not climb up and down like a monkey?" Driven beyond endurance, Zen shouted.

"Climbing up and down also needs skills! Boy, come on, go ahead of me!" Christopher sneered.

Zen didn't talk any more. On the contrary, he shifted his focus to the knowledge on the obelisk. He was unwilling to take notice of this kind of boring provocation. Moreover, he had climbed the obelisk to learn Space Law, not to compete with others.

Seeing that Zen didn't want to talk to him, Christopher got bored and then climbed up again.

However, Christopher stopped climbing after about twenty feet as he needed to learn the new knowledge on the obelisk. Otherwise, he would fall from the stone tablet as a result of the strong spatial repulsion.

Of course, Christopher was confident of his capability and was sure that he could grasp level one of Space Law in a short time.

However, at this moment, Zen also began to climb, his eyes glistening.

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