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   Chapter 650 The Blood Of A Genuine Dragon

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Zen just rolled his eyes when he saw that the guards got worked up over the divine texture.

Just then, a voice seemed to speak in his mind. It was the cyan dragon. "Just tell them that you encountered a Taoist priest called Josh in the Lower World and he gave you the divine texture," he said.

Zen nodded then told the guards what the cyan dragon said to him.

The guards cast each other serious glances upon hearing Zen's words. Shortly after, one guard nodded at Zen and opened the iron fence's door for him, and released him from the prison.

The stowaways from the Lower World looked at each other in amazement when they saw that Zen was released.

'What did the nature creature do? Why did they let him go?' they wondered.

"You stay here. I'll report this matter to the lord of the city," the guard told Zen. After that, he rushed outside with the divine texture.

"Cyan dragon, what message did you leave on the divine texture?" Zen asked. A sly smile crossed the cyan dragon's lips again.

"I just left a breath of my soul on it. The guard didn't recognize it, but he knew the dragon mark I left," he explained.

"I see," Zen nodded.

The cyan dragon continued to tell Zen more about the place. The city they were in was not the main city of the Genuine Dragon World. It was built as a place where the Dragon Lineage Human elites could cultivate.

Even the members of Dragon Lineage Human who had ascended to the Upper World must pass the trial before they could enter the Genuine Dragon World. It was so that the Genuine Dragons made sure that those selected were geniuses of their race. On the other hand, the message the cyan dragon left on the divine texture was a request for Zen. He asked the lord of the city to give Zen a chance to train here.

Zen knew this, and nodded in affirmation. If Zen wanted to embark on the top level of martial arts in his life as a martial artist, he must cultivate himself hard. Although the cyan dragon had helped him a lot, Zen couldn't rely on him all the time.

The cyan dragon had saved him from a thousand years in prison, which was indeed a great act of kindness he would never forget. Now, the training in the Upper World that he asked for Zen was also another blessing. If Zen could take the trial, he would gain many benefits.

"Now that you have returned to your hometown, why don't you reveal yourself to them?" Zen asked curiously. The mysterious furnace, the black flame, the cyan dragon, and the eight other dragons in it were all a huge mystery to Zen--and that mystery had led him to where he was now.

When the cyan dragon heard Zen's question, he got silent for a moment.

"Even if I come back, so what? Something that cannot be changed, still cannot be changed," he said with a heavy sigh. There was a hint of sadness in the cyan dragon's voice when he said those words.

It made Zen feel sad as well

d man came out. He threw the token along with a small jade bottle towards Zen. "There are several rooms for cultivating over there. You may choose one to absorb this drop of genuine dragon blood. Come to me after you have absorbed it. And then you can participate in the training," he said.

Zen held the bottle in his hand and felt as if there was a living thing that wanted to escape inside it.

Following what the old man had said, Zen randomly picked out a training chamber. He closed the door and sat down on his knees above a futon, then carefully opened the small bottle.


An oval drop of blood jumped out of the little bottle and floated in front of him.

Although it was only a drop of a genuine dragon's blood, Zen could feel its indescribable power.

"If you keep watching, you might as well let me swallow it up," the cyan dragon said in jest.

Of course, Zen knew he was just joking. He played along and said with a pout, "There is only one drop. Let you swallow it up? No way."

After that, he stretched two fingers, which sent out a plume of life vitality. It quickly wrapped around the drop of blood, and went into his mouth.

The blood of flood dragon that he had immersed his body in when he was on the Cloud Road was very thick. Even if it was splashed outside, it would automatically coagulate into one body. Zen had thought that blood was amazing before he saw how unbelievable the blood of genuine dragon was. This drop of blood from a genuine dragon seemed to be spiritual. It was trying to break free from Zen's life vitality.

However, the power of merely one drop of blood was still too weak, and ultimately it couldn't escape its fate of being swallowed up by Zen.

When Zen had swallowed down the blood, he felt that the blood in his whole body seemed to boil gradually. Then, the drop of dragon blood quickly spread throughout his body and blended with his own blood.

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